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5 Things You Must Always Have In Your Bag

5 Things You Must Have In Your Bag

Before you skip reading, this article doesn’t apply to the ladies alone.

We all have one or more bags/purses that we like to go out with according to the taste of our outfits. Before leaving the house and shutting the door behind you, what are the things you shove into your bag?

Apart from the car keys, (for the driving folks), phone, and wallet which contains your bank card and some cash, what else goes into that bag or purse? For those who work in offices, we are familiar with the files they carry in their bags and the notebooks and biros that accompany them.

Let’s get down to the major things that you should have in your bag at all times!

1. Tissue paper:

Aha! I guess you are thinking what I’m thinking! Imagine getting so pressed in the middle of a long journey or a public place, how are you going to clean up yourself when you’re through with easing yourself.

What if you had a runny nose? How would you avoid getting so messy without a tissue paper at hand?

2. Mint sweets:

Most times, the brushing of teeth we do at dawn isn’t sufficient enough to keep our breaths fresh throughout the day. And that’s where these mint sweets come into play. Imagine wanting to start up a conversation with someone out there and you’re not so comfortable with your breath. That can easily be taken care of with a mint-flavored sweet in your mouth. It keeps your confidence up and boosts your self-esteem.

3. Handkerchief:

This is extremely valuable and should never leave your bag except if you want to wash or replace it. Most times we underestimate what a piece of cloth like a handkerchief can do. You can use it to keep yourself in check especially when you get some dust on your body that you have to wipe off. You can also use it to wipe your hands after washing them. Handkerchiefs are also used to dry our sweat, especially after a hectic day.

4. Bottle of water:

Taking a water bottle anywhere you go is a sure way to give yourself a constant reminder to always stay hydrated. This will help you stay away from headaches that come with a day full of rigorous activities. Apart from that, it is a good facilitator of digestion, especially after having an outdoor meal. Not only does it serve a purpose for you, but it can also help you save someone else’s life out there in serious cases of choking or exhaustion.

5. Hand sanitizer:

Yes! The world out there is full of germs that you come in contact with without knowing. These germs rest on staircase rails, tables, door handles, and many other surfaces. They are also in people’s hands, including yours! Having a sanitizer in your bag is a sure way to steer clear of dirt and germs and, of course, after having a couple of handshakes.

The above are major things that should never be lacking in your bag or purse. Other essential things you may like to add include;

A pen and a little notepad:

Most people at some point outdoors may have things that catch their attention that they may want to scribble down. If the nature of your daily activity is such that would require you to do some writing, then, having a pen and a notepad is not an option, it should be your priority instead.

Extra cash:

Even as you plan your daily expenditure, it is always advisable to go with some extra cash. Yes! It will save you some embarrassment, and avoidable issues, and also prevent you from being stranded.

Apart from what it can do for you, you can also use it to help someone in need. Imagine creating a long-lasting impression of kindness in the heart of one or two strangers you may meet.

Power bank and phone cord:

It is not every time you go out to do your daily stuff that you would likely find a place to charge your phone if your battery is low. That’s why you should have a power bank and cord in your bag. If your phone trips off, you’re automatically cut off from communication and this is not safe, looking at how cruel the world is.


This device is highly recommended if you want to shut out the noise around you while on a phone call. It is also relevant if you want to listen to music while traveling.

For the ladies;

You shouldn’t forget to have a sanitary pad handy, especially if you are approaching that time of the month. Truth be told, when your period wants to begin, it won’t care if you’re at home or in public.

Pepper sprays are a must-have, mostly if you normally get home at late evening hours or night. It is a good defense mechanism against the bad guys out there.

Choose wisely what should be in your bags or purses. Cheers to a trouble-free lifestyle!

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