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6 Signs Of The Zodiac That Love Above All Things

6 Signs Of The Zodiac That Love Above All Things

There are zodiac signs that need to be loved, that need to give, and that only truly feel fulfilled when they have someone by their side who truly values ​​them, cares for them, and loves them madly. Love becomes the most important thing in their lives. Sometimes it even seems that they have an addiction to it.

It doesn’t have to be love for life. Love can be for one night or for eternity, crazy love or serene love, love for a lifetime or for a minute. The point is that they need it much more than the rest of the signs. It’s not like the air they breathe but almost… These are the 6 zodiac signs that love above all things.


For Cancer, love is something super important, something that shakes up their whole world, something that makes them feel alive, something that gives meaning to the life that we have had to live.
Full of grudges, hate, and anger. Cancer needs to be constantly given, touched, feel, and needs to be given to her/him too. In some way, he is someone who settles for little, but that little is of quality. He prefers spending time with his family to spending it working. She prefers to be affectionate / or, give everything in her power, and fall flat on her face than try to be someone cold / or just to protect herself.

Cancer is nourished by moments, lives to really enjoy, to feel, to take sticks, to feed love to your heart, to heal you when you have been disappointed… And for love, you are capable of everything. He is capable of sacrificing himself to any extent. Cancer will always be happier when he has someone he loves. When he can share…


Pisces need love, in fact, a large part of their life is spent as a couple, or at least always trying to find their better half.
Believe that love for life exists. Although every day, life seems to make it a little more difficult. You need to spend quality time with the person you love, you need to give and feel loved and protected. And although he can do many things alone, when he is not with anyone, he feels incomplete. Pisces is a very affectionate person, someone who sometimes hides his feelings and prefers that others take the first step. Especially in love.

When you’re in love, you need to constantly talk and get your emotions out so they don’t torment you. He needs to express what he feels but to do so, he must know that he has the right person in front of him. Pisces can cheat. She is good, kind, and would give anything for the one she loves. But she also has a strong character that only a few know. And she can also leave the place where she is if she is treated badly. Even if she is broken inside … Love is worth a lot to Pisces, but as long as they give her/him the same value.


Apparently Libra would not be the typical sign that goes in search of love. But deep down, it is.
On the outside, she seems very independent as if love is something that does not go with her/him. But inside, she is very aware of the person she loves. They observe, analyze, and try by all means that absolutely nothing is lacking. They may not show it constantly because they are not sticky. But they will do it by showing signs of affection or details at the least expected moment.

Libra can live without love, but they are much happier when they find their better half. In addition, she bets on that love, she fights and fights to keep it and if there is nothing to turn it off, she can be something for life. Libra has no doubt about it, somewhere in the world, there is your other half. She is clear. With someone special by your side, she lives much better.


Scorpio hesitates that he can live without love, but he is not. In fact, there are few Scorpios who are not with a partner or at least, writing to someone and beginning to have that illusion. Scorpio loves love, she loves to be in love and when she does, she grabs you forever. For Scorpio, love is often surrounded by drama, ups and downs, unbridled passion, madness, and reconciliations. She seldom finds calm and serene love. Because Scorpio is pure nerve…

Scorpio loves intensely and passionately, and the person who receives that love notices it very much. As if he absorbed you… Besides, when he falls in love he always thinks that it will be for life, and he would do any kind of crazy thing, like getting married or even tattooing something that has a special meaning to that person. Scorpio is strong, has incredible energy, is never fooled and whoever does it, pays for it. But when he’s in love, all that character dissipates a bit. And that’s his weak point… Scorpio puts so much emphasis on their relationships going well that if unfortunately, they don’t turn out the way he expected, they feel completely devastated and take a while to recover.


Aries boasts of being super independent, even at times, as if he is totally out of love.
But when they fall in love, the love is passionate and lasting. Aries can be a very outgoing person and when she is alone, she does not hesitate to do what she wants with her life. Go from here to there, and be with whoever she wants without having to explain to anyone. But when she falls in love, things start to change. Aries concentrates exclusively on that person. And she will ask more than necessary, and she will want to know, and she will be really interested. Something that with any other would be impossible. Holding Aries’ attention is almost impossible when something doesn’t interest him.

Aries becomes docile when in love and it is a feeling that they love. Being able to trust, feel loved, and above all that there is someone who cares about him/her is something that cannot be paid for with money. And no matter how independent she seems or how much she goes along with it, Aries is much happier when she finds someone who brings even more excitement to her life.


Leo attaches great importance to love. It is true that she can be alone / or, and in fact, there are seasons in which she does.
But with love his whole world changes. It is true that she may not have fallen in love many times in his life. What makes Leo happy is the emotion, the illusion of knowing that someone cares. The little messages late at night that reminds you of what you’re worth, that tell you how pretty you are inside and out. That’s what Leo likes. That is why, almost always, there is someone special in some way in his life always.

Leo will protect what he has, protect and care for what he holds dear, and will fight for it to the bitter end if the going gets tough. And when he is in love, he will introduce that person to everyone around him with no problem. He will want everyone to know him. And if he later goes wrong, then nothing happens. Leo doesn’t think so much about those things and gets carried away more by the emotion of the moment, by desire, by adventure, by madness… Love makes Leo a better person, and in reality, Leo knows that it is the secret ingredient of happiness. greatness and what, in the end, will end up taking… Emotions, sensations, feelings, warmth…

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