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I used surprise diagnosis to turn my side hustle into a booming beauty business… I’m a busy mum but that doesn’t stop me

A BUSY mum has told how she used her surprise health diagnosis to turn a side hustle into a booming beauty business.

Laura Burbury now runs her own fake lashes company and mentors other busy women in business.

Laura Burbury used her ADHD diagnosis to create her own successful basis
The 33-year-old Brit launched her beauty business Underlash during lockdown
Laura has been inundated with orders since launching in June

The 33-year-old Brit was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago and has used the condition to her advantage.

Laura noticed a gap in the market for DIY lash kits during lockdown in Adelaide, Australia.

The mum-of-one would spend £60 a fortnight on refills and decided to develop her own premium lash kit, which lasts seven days and are easy to apply.

She used her AHDH symptom of laser-like focus on things that interest her and her perfectionist streak to keep her business moving.

“I spoke to five different manufacturers and tried over 60 different prototypes before I was happy,” she told the Daily Mail.

“They were offering thick, glamour lashes. But I wanted to develop something for people like me, busy mums. An everyday look.”

In June, Laura launched her Underlash brand and recently opened an e-commerce shop, which she dedicated to her toddler Oscar.

She and her partner Josh delayed buying a family home so Laura could launch her company.

What profit she makes, she ploughs back into her business and develops new lashes.

“When I first started in business my partner, who is in insurance, gave me the statistics of small businesses that fail,” she said.

“I told him to give me time to prove him wrong, to prove that I would thrive and I have. And I am so proud of that.”

During lockdown, Laura used her free time to upskill.

“I am full all the time, and I am comfortably running a six-figure business now, but it was stressful in the beginning when I had no way of getting customers in,” she said.

Within weeks of launching, Laura was flooded with orders.

She said: “People want this, they don’t want to spend a fortune on getting their lashes done every two weeks.

“They want to be able to do it in ten minutes at home.”

Now Laura wants to teach other neurodivergent young mums to start their own business.

She’s speaking out about her struggles and hopes others can reach out for help and find an outlet like she did with Underlash.

Each lash starter kit comes with two strips of lashes, which is four applications, a month of full wear, the glue, and all the tools to get the job done.

She and her partner Josh put off buying a family home so Laura could start her own business

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