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I died and came back to life after a 7-day coma – a spirit guide brought me through a wormhole and now I believe in God

A NEUROSURGEON has shared a wild story of self-discovery and medical miracles after he claims to have experienced the afterlife during a seven-day coma.

Dr Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey, dedicated his life to proving the existence of heaven following his own experience of the “Gateway Valley” after a severe brain injury.

Dr Eben Alexander has dedicated his life to proving the existence of heaven after a transformative near-death experience
Speaking exclusively to The U.S. Sun, Alexander detailed the horrific medical condition that he miraculously recovered from, and how it led to seeing the afterlife

Speaking exclusively to The U.S. Sun about his strange experience, Dr Alexander described seeing a beautiful spiritual guide on a butterfly wing who took him through a wormhole.

In 2008, he underwent a coma due to an acute bacterial infection that was wreaking havoc on his brain.

Recent medical reports show that his mind was “in no shape to have any dream or hallucination,” Alexander told The U.S. Sun, but he still managed to witness a life-changing encounter.

While fighting for his life, Alexander began to see dark images that sound pretty haunting, but he recalls that he wasn’t afraid.

“When I describe it to people, they find it not a very pleasant place,” he said when asked what heaven was like.

Dr Alexander said that he was surrounded by unformed blackness and had “no memory” of his own life.

Luckily, he was saved by a “white light” that came up along with a “perfect musical melody.”

He recalled: “And all that ushered me up through this wormhole, or light portal, up into the Gateway Valley, as I call it.”

After exiting the wormhole, Alexander witnessed a “perfect” world with some “Earthly features.”

He described a land of “beautiful very lush forests and meadow waterfalls into crystal blue pools, absolutely spectacular and beautiful.”

“It was kind of like Plato’s world of ideals. It was a world of perfection,” the neurosurgeon said, before detailing what his spirit guide looked like.

The presence of “pure love” had “sparkling blue eyes, high cheekbones, high forehead and broad smile,” Dr Alexander said – but she didn’t speak a word.

The guide filled him with messages of pure unadulterated love while he rode a butterfly wing into the final destination he describes as “The Core.”

On his website, the doctor describes his journey to the “unending inky blackness” of The Core and hearing angelic choirs’ thundering hymns.

Alexander also claimed that there was a deity, known by many as God, but said the entity could not be defined.

“Allah, Vishnu, Jehovah, Yahweh – the names get in the way, and the conflicting details of orthodox religions obscure the reality of such an infinitely loving and creative source,” Alexander wrote.

During his week-long coma, Alexander told The U.S. Sun that he passed through multiple levels, always receiving the same message: “You are deeply loved and cherished forever.

“You have nothing to fear.”


After seven days of fighting for his life in a coma, Alexander woke up – and his family was shocked at the new man they found.

“I think it really scared my family tremendously,” he shared. “They’re all elated, but the first 36 hours I was in and out of my mind, kind of crazy at times.”

While he was still recovering, Alexander said he spooked his sister by acting like a “little Buddha” in front of his loved ones.

“I was sitting on the bed like this little Buddha just saying, ‘All is well’ looking everyone deeply in the eyes,” he said. “Now, I don’t remember that.”

Despite the severity of the experience, which he claims at one point was “an irreversible death spiral,” the doctor made a miraculous recovery that apparently defied the odds.

This brush with death and heaven transformed Alexander’s relationship with religion and God after a tragic experience with his birth family prompted him to give up on faith entirely just years before.


Dr Alexander was adopted and grew up Methodist, but began to question religion more when he began to study at Harvard.

“I just could not figure out how conscious awareness could survive the death of the brain and body,” he recalled. “That was a big mystery to me, and that’s why I think I went through this extraordinary journey.”

He officially gave up religion after he got in touch as an adult with his birth parents.

After reaching out to reconnect with them, he was rejected, which he said prompted him to become agnostic.

Eight years later, right before his NDE, he reached out to the family again and they had a positive response. He eventually met his family and was hugged for the first time by his birth parents.

“I cannot tell you how powerful an experience that was, but that was really the beginning,” Alexander said.

“The deep reality is that any religion focuses absolutely on unconditional love, complete inclusion of all, no exclusion, kindness, mercy, acceptance, and forgiveness.

“If those are the deep and profound principles of religion, they have every right to continue.”

Alexander now perceives religion as something that should unite all people and firmly believes if it doesn’t do that, it should be “discarded.”

“If they’re combative, if they’re against others, they have completely fallen away from the pathway of the original prophets and mystics,” he said.

“They have nothing to do with the original teaching of the prophets, but I think otherwise what we’re seeking is a unification.”


The doctor’s recommendation after his near-death experience is simple: don’t wait.

“This is not just about what happens when you die, but this is most importantly about how you make every choice today in treating yourself and treating others,” he told The U.S. Sun.

“Don’t wait to do a life review at the end of your life. What a waste that is,” he added.

“Why not do daily reviews or weekly reviews?”

He advised people to always make themselves available to serve “the least, the last, and the lost.”

Alexander continued: “That’s how to prepare for when you’re on your deathbed, when you will then realize as you’re joined by these souls coming from the afterlife to greet you.”

The doctor proudly admits that he isn’t scared of death but he is taking advantage of every moment he has in this Earthly realm.

“I think the most important thing to say is that we do have a real purpose for being here,” he said.

“There is meaning in our lives, and the evidence from a neuroscientific viewpoint that our consciousness survives bodily death and that the binding force of love is the most important thing that connects us is overwhelming.”

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