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Aldi has made a major change to baby milk and parents are very concerned

ALDI has withdrawn one of its Mamia baby milk powders from sale – leaving parents worried about feeding their kids.

The discounter has axed its Follow On Milk, which is used for babies aged between six and 12 months to complement weaning.

Parents are concerned following Aldi’s major change to its baby milk range

Aldi confirmed the withdrawal to The Sun after concerned parents vented their frustration on social media.

One parent asked on Twitter: “What’s happened to the number 2 baby milk formula, can’t find it anywhere and got an unhappy nine month old. Please help.”

Another said: “It’s the only one our grandson can manage but is not available anywhere locally..”

And a third said: “Been none at my two local stores for nearly a week and I’ll have a hungry baby soon.”

There is also widespread concern that Aldi’s first stage milk, designed for babies from birth, is being withdrawn as well.

However, Aldi said this is not true.

The rumours began when one angry mum posting on TikTok as “Danceroomdiva” said she had visited three or four Aldi stores for stage two milk but couldn’t find any – and then claimed she had found out Aldi was withdrawing its entire baby powder range.

She ranted: “Talking to the area manager that was in there at the time and you have discontinued your entire baby powder milk range without informing any of your customers that have children.

“That is unprofessional.”

The video – which she urged viewers to make viral – has since been watched 163,000 times, and liked by more than 8,000 parents.

When The Sun approached Aldi, it confirmed it no longer stocks Mamia Follow On Milk in stores but said Mamia First Instant Milk continues to be sold in all Aldi stores.

It added: “We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to our customers by this change.”

The 900g packs of First Instant Milk are listed for £8.59 on Aldi’s website.

Follow on milk is designed to help babies wean onto solids from six months, but they can also keep drinking first stage infant milk which can be used from birth.

The NHS advises cows’ milk can be used in cooking or mixed with food from around 6 months but should not be given as a drink to babies until they’re 12 months old.

Follow-on formula by brands including Aptamil, Cow&Gate, Little Steps, SMA and HiPP is still stocked in major supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Earlier this year there was concern over the increase to the price of baby milk due to the cost of living.

Big-name suppliers have blamed the rising costs of production, transportation and storage.

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