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I went to hospital with ‘appendicitis’ but 15 minutes later I had my baby girl – I had no idea I was pregnant

A STUDENT had no idea she was pregnant until she went into hospital with what she thought was appendicitis and ended up in labour.

Kayla Nicole Simpson, 21, an Indiana University student, was shocked when an ultrasound to look at her appendix revealed she was carrying a baby.

The college student was experiencing what she thought were severe period cramps
Her baby Madi was born on November 7
Kayla experienced a cryptic pregnancy

The college student was experiencing what she thought were severe period cramps and showed no signs of pregnancy.

Her baby called Madi was born on November 7, just moments after the ultrasound was performed.

In a series of viral videos posted to her TikTok account, the college student explained how she ended up finding out she was about to give birth. 

“Doctors didn’t know what was wrong,” she explained.

“While they were doing an ultrasound my mom saw something familiar on the screen.

“Seconds later I started screaming in pain and the doctor ran in.

“It was a head,” she explained.

Kayla gave birth to her baby just 15 minutes later.

“I had no bump, my period and was the skinniest I’ve ever been,” she adds.

Kayla was discharged from hospital just two days later with “a perfectly healthy baby” and “my best friend” she said.

“She’s about to turn one and we are doing amazing!” she added.

In previous videos, the young mum explained she did not have any pain prior to the birth, working a 12-hour double shift the day before.

But she did experience some period like pains which she thought could be more serious.

“I called my mum up thinking my appendix is bursting ‘cos I’m bleeding a lot.

“It just hurts so bad I could barely talk and barely move.

“But I was walking, so I could walk, I could do anything. I was just in a lot of pain.”

The student only experienced contractions to warn her of the birth about an hour before she delivered her baby.

Kayla experienced a cryptic pregnancy, which is a mysterious pregnancy that goes unnoticed until very late into her pregnancy or until she gives birth. 

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