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Which appliances should I unplug during a blackout?

UK HOUSEHOLDS have been warned about possible three-hour blackouts this winter.

Rolling blackouts could be introduced in case of emergency due to a shortage of gas – here’s how to keep your appliances safe during potential power cuts.

You should unplug non-essential appliances ahead of a blackout

Which appliances should I unplug during a blackout?

Some appliances should be unplugged ahead of a blackout.

It’s when the power comes back, the surge of electricity may cause the circuit to fry and the appliance can be damaged.

Non-essential appliances like TVs, computers, cookers, irons and others, should all be unplugged to be on the safe side.

Once the power comes back on, give it some time and then plug the appliances back in.

How to prepare for a power cut

Knowing that there is a power cut planned, helps give you time to prepare for it.

First, it’s best to find other sources of light as the blackouts are planned to roll out in the evening when it’s dark.

Have a torch and spare batteries handy.

However, be wary of candles as they can create a fire hazard, especially if you have children.

It’s a good idea to charge your devices too such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets so that you’ll have something to pass time while you wait for the power to get back on.

It is important to also list down important contacts, just in case your phone battery dies and you need someone else to contact another person.

In case of emergencies, it is also ideal to have a first aid kit.

The blackouts are meant to roll out during winter, and we all know how cold it can get in the UK.

That is why prepare some blankets and thick clothes to keep you warm during the blackout, and if possible, prepare a thermos flask with some hot beverages in it.

When it comes to your garage, make sure you know how to run the manual release, just in case you have to take your car out.

It would be best to make sure that the fuel in the car is full, just in case you need to urgently go out.

Keeping some cash around would also be a good idea, as you cannot pay using card since the machines work with electricity.

If you have any medical devices that run using electricity, you should speak to your doctor to help you find an alternate solution.

Also, if you have a stair lift, make sure that you have some sort of battery to help it run or speak to the manufacturer to help you get it sorted.



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