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Argos launches space-saving Christmas tree that will fit in almost any house

A SPACE-saving half Christmas tree promises to make baubles less trouble this year.

The fab fir, being sold by Argos, tucks up against the lounge wall and needs decorating only on one side.

Argos’ Habitat tree, £55, can fit in any room and needs decorating on only one side
The 6ft Christmas tree comes pre lit with 120 LED’s making the nightmare of untangling lights a thing of the past

Fans rate it a star buy — saying it leaves more room for prezzies, with less chance of trampling on tinsel or getting a dig in the ribs from pesky branches.

The £55, 6ft Habitat tree even comes pre-lit with 120 warm white bulbs, saving time on finding and untangling last year’s lights.

The retailer says it has been a huge hit, adding: “All you’ve got to do is wrap it in tinsel and pop a couple of baubles on it.”

One reviewer, from Portishead, Somerset, wrote on the Argos website: “Excellent idea. More room to move around.”

Another reviewer wrote: “Lots of comments from friends and family on what a great space saver it is! Looking directly at it you’d never know it was a half tree.”

And a third, from Swansea, added of the Yuletide centrepiece: “Just what we were after for our small apartment.”

In a poll by Argos three quarters of families — and especially those in small flats — say they struggle to find space for a tree

But a similar proportion say they will happily sacrifice furniture to fit one in their home.

More than eight in ten even said they would be willing to sit on the floor to make room for their Christmas tree.

A third said they found putting up a tree stressful when space was limited, while nearly half of over-60s said that a tree made their homes feel too cramped.

Only decorating one side will be welcome news for the one in five who said they did not see the point of decorating the back of a tree.

And a tree that is half the hassle to decorate should lift the festive spirits of a similar proportion who said they found hanging up all those baubles boring.

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1 Comment

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