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Aries VS Pisces: Who Has The More Attractive Personality?

Aries VS Pisces

Starting from the fact that there are no better or worse signs of the Zodiac, neither more perfect nor less, there are some facets of personality according to our sign that make us more attractive to other people. If we take Aries and Pisces as an example, which of the two do you think you like more?

We are going to review where the attraction of one and the other is to see if we can reach any conclusion. Do not forget, however, that there are things about our way of being that some people like very much and others not at all. Or that we can like someone a lot if they are looking for a friend but that we are of no use to them if what they are looking for is to fall in love. Without forgetting that the attractiveness also goes on for days and that sometimes when we feel attractive at ankle height, we have charmed someone. Awesome, we think! And other days we go out to kill with our best face, hair, and clothes and come back dragging our feet, without a fucking penny and without anyone looking at us even once (except not to bump into us).

So let’s focus on the personality of Aries and Pisces in terms of the attractiveness with which they attract other people. It is about getting to know these signs better, helping them to get to know each other better, and, above all, having a good time at the expense of the Zodiac that gives us blessed joy.

Let’s start by reviewing the attractiveness of Aries, which has it, without a doubt. And that Aries, with that fame of believing a little bit the center of the universe and giving himself all the importance he has and more, because more than one can dislike him. Not to mention those who criticize his sincerity that hurts so much or that drawing conclusions at first without waiting for more evidence.

But yes, the appeal of Aries is there despite these flaws. And because? Because at the same time that Aries screwed up some things, she has others that provoke admiration in those who know her. Her ability to make decisions and do it quickly, for example, is very liked by others. Wherever Aries arrives and a friend has trouble seeing something clear in her life or making an important decision, Aries takes charge of the situation and is going to help him to death without thinking twice. Aries also likes her because she makes your life entertaining, because she is not afraid of anything and because she does many things that others are afraid of doing. Aries faces life with courage, quite the opposite of those people paralyzed by fear, pride, or ignorance.

And Pisces? Is there anyone who still doesn’t know where the appeal of Pisces is? And what’s better, if Aries is someone totally aware of her charm and used to liking her, part of Pisces’ appeal is precisely that she is someone who is unaware of her appeal.

But you have it. Pisces moves through life caring for others, giving them all she can and more, and almost living for it. How can people not have a weakness for little fish! Pisces makes others feel good around her because of her generosity in attention, affection, and understanding. All these reasons reveal someone very popular among others for being someone who only thinks about doing good for others, in making them feel good about themselves. And that is why they choose the company of Pisces among many others.

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And there would be a quiz on the question. That at first sight, the personality of Pisces is more attractive but because of being such good people too many inadequate people approach him. And that the personality of Aries seems less attractive because of its hardness and self-centeredness and yet it usually wins the respect and admiration of many people. Come on, curling the loop, it turns out that being a good person should make us more attractive but it is not. Pisces is a good person, he is nice and many people adore him, but because he is like that, he attracts people who take advantage of his way of being so generous. And Aries who goes through life high because he seems someone very sure of himself attracts people because of his strong character.

Anyway, here we have two personalities in which the attractiveness of Aries increases despite its flaws and that of Pisces decreases despite its virtues. A tremendous conclusion reaffirms that people are more attractive to us because of their security and because they are more difficult to conquer. And vice versa, we highly value the virtues of a person, but if they give themselves to others and are dependent, we take away points for it.

Well, we have already sharpened the comparison in the charm of these two signs a bit and we believe that winning wins both. Aries has its attraction and Pisces has it, and there will be those who perfectly understand the Aries and those who stay with the Pisces. If attractiveness is what makes others like us and admire us, then it is clear that these two signs have a 10 each in their style.

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