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Asda shoppers have one day left to get £15 free through Christmas savings scheme – how to get

ASDA shoppers have one day left to get £15 in free cash through the supermarket’s Christmas savings scheme.

The scheme works by rewarding customers who save cash on their Christmas Savings Card in the run up to the big day.

Asda shoppers have one day left to get a Christmas bonus

Shoppers can top-up their festive savings card, and you’ll get a bonus for how much you save on it.

The reward you get depends on how much you save and you get:

  • £1 for saving £30-£79.99
  • £3 for £80-£129.99
  • £6 for £130-£179.99
  • £9 for £180-£229.99
  • £12 for £230-£279.99
  • £15 for £280 or more

The bonus you’ll get depends on how much cash you have on your card by the deadline of November 13, 5pm.

It means you have just a day left to top your card up.

The bonus will come through on November 14.

The Christmas Savings Card can be picked up in store or ordered online.

You’ll need to register it to your online Asda account.

The card can be used online on the Asda groceries site, in stores and at

While the bonuses don’t sound like much, you’re actually getting a return on your savings worth between 1.26% and 4.36%.

What other supermarkets offer reward schemes?

Morrisons has a saver scheme where customers can buy themselves “stamps” in-store throughout the year, which are then converted into Christmas vouchers.

If you’ve got stamps worth £49 or more, you’ll get a £1 bonus, for £97 worth you’ll earn £3, for £146 you’ll land £4 and £194 makes you £6 — which is also the maximum payment.

Vouchers are digital only, which can be loaded on to your My Morrisons card for use in the supermarket.

Sainsbury’s has a Christmas Club card that must be activated and loaded at checkouts and self-service tills, and you will need to register it online.

Rewards of £2.50 are given for each full £50 you have saved on your card by November 1, up to a maximum of £25 on £500 savings.

The bonus will be added to your card by the end of November.

The balance can be used in store or online at Sainsbury’s and Argos.

Iceland doesn’t actually have a Christmas savings scheme but its Bonus cards can be used to save towards the event.

The cards give you £1 extra to spend in stores when you save £20 on to them, with a maximum of £1,000 saved per card.

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