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Battling With Stress? Here’s Why, And How Best To Handle It

Battling With Stress

How do you feel when saddled with so many tasks to meet up with a given deadline? How do you react when you feel you are not able to cope with demands? What about when you’ve got an unresolved issue between you and your spouse and your boss at work isn’t even helping matters?

Stress is a result of tension either physically or emotionally and everyone has got a fair share at some point.

Stress cannot be termed a disease, rather, it can be regarded as a response. When the body is faced with a threat, some hormones rise from their normal levels to induce or increase alertness. Some of these hormones include epinephrine, cortisol, and norepinephrine.

In short occasions or bursts, stress can induce pressure which enables one to stretch his/her productivity output level. But chronic stress does more harm than good. Stress leaves a prolonged impression on a person’s overall well-being.

Statistical Reports:

  • Recent research carried out in 2021 showed that about 50% of citizens spanning 100 countries experienced or are currently experiencing stress.
  • 41% of women in the world have reported cases of stress as opposed to 30% of men.
  • The American Psychological Association (APA) has stated that people between 18 and 33 years of age are the worst hit. This means that on a scale of 1 to 100, the pointer would likely be at 60.
  • Studies revealed that about 5 million deaths that occur annually have stress as a chief cause.


Stress has a wide range of causes, from things you could expect to things you had no idea about.

The number one cause is financial issues. People seemed too worried about how to make money these days. A recent study in America showed that about 64% of the population was stressed due to money-related matters.

  • Work/Job

Another major cause of stress is Work/Job. Approximately 60% of the US population have made several complaints about how their jobs are impeding their mental stability. This can arise from job dissatisfaction, poor and untimely payment, bad employer/employee relationships, exploitation, etc.

  • Health Issues

Sickness is something that comes knocking at one’s door when one least expects it. It isn’t pleasurable in any way. If anything, it causes a big stir in a person’s life bringing about a lot of changes that are quite difficult to put up with. At such times, stress levels are likely to increase exponentially because ill-health hauls a ton out of a person.

  • Family Responsibilities

Every person out there is carrying a responsibility or two on his/her shoulders. And, those that are beset with family responsibilities will have a lot of stories to tell. This shoe may fit you perfectly if this applies to you. Taking care of people isn’t so much of an easy experience especially if the means are difficult to come by. This in turn keeps one in a state of increased stress and anxiety.

  • Big Life Changes

Big Life Changes can come in different ways. It could be getting into the university, getting married, settling down at a new work location, divorcing, starting a new business, losing your job, welcoming a baby, etc. These are things that seem to direct one’s life from a certain angle and trying to gain some balance when these changes occur, can impose stress on you.

Dangers Of Stress

Stress if not properly managed could lead to a reduction in the size of some parts of the brain responsible for metabolism, emotions, and memory.

It could also lead to diabetes, skin condition, aging, high blood pressure, asthma, headaches, and heart problems to mention but a few. It can also lead to an untimely death due to health problems it has caused in the human body.

Managing Stress

Since stress is a response, the question you should always ask yourself is “How do I respond to certain circumstances?” Your response always begins from your mind. Most of the things people are worried about are things that cannot change. Work on your mind and always;

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Create better ways of managing your time
  • Understand that there are some things you cannot change or control.
  • Instead of becoming angry or keeping to yourself, assert your opinions and feelings.
  • Set limits. Set boundaries. Say no to potential stress bringers.
  • Take some time to cool your head off by relaxing, drawing back, and performing self-checks and evaluations.
  • Try out better ways of solving existing problems.
  • Devote yourself to your hobbies and interests.
  • Join groups and seek social support.
  • Spend time with friends, family, and those you love.
  • Start off with some really cool exercise like swimming, cycling or dancing.
  • Seek treatment from any well-trained stress management professional.

In all you do, try your best to keep off stress because it is a silent killer. Don’t get yourself so worked up, watch efficient ways people adopt to solve their problems, then try them out.

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