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Breastfeeding is a natural process that comes up by default immediately after the birth of a baby. Irrespective of the numerous benefits it has on the baby, there are undeniable advantages it brings to the nursing mom.

Most mothers due to how busy they are, don’t always have time to give that part of their lives some attention. If this describes you, are you doing yourself good or harm? Read this article to find out.

It lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer

Recent studies have shown that while a nursing mother is breastfeeding she automatically sheds breast tissues. Now, most breast tissues that are being shed have potential DNA damage. When those tissues remain in the breasts and are not shed out they tend to develop into malignant cells thereby causing cancer in the breast tissues. Breastfeeding helps to lower the chances and the risks of a nursing mother developing ovarian cancer this is because breastfeeding prevents ovulation.

Physical and emotional bonding between the nursing mother and her baby.

We all know that breastfeeding facilitates a very good bonding method between a mother and her baby. The truth of this isn’t just what the baby stands to gain. Studies have shown that breastfeeding always makes a mother enjoy the true feeling of being a mother, it gives her more chances to feel her baby’s temperature and examine how her baby feeds and grows.

It lowers blood pressure and lowers the chances of hypertension.

A recent study shows that the release of the oxytocin hormone helps to keep women or nursing mothers in good health condition by lowering their blood pressure levels and reducing the chances of developing heart problems. It calms their nerves and leaves them with fewer things to worry about.

It enhances faster weight loss.

During breastfeeding, a lot of calories are burnt up to yield more milk production. This inevitably causes the nursing mother to lose weight. This is very good, especially in cases where the woman gained a lot of weight during the period of pregnancy and before the birth of the baby.

It facilitates the release of good hormones:

When a mother breastfeeds, it induces the release of a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone helps the uterus to return to its initial and regular size, thereby lowering the chances of post-partum bleeding and other complications that come along with it.

It delays menstruation

As frequently as a nursing mother breastfeeds, it increases the chances of her period not coming. This is nothing to worry about because it serves as a natural birth control method – creating a distance or gap between pregnancies.

Some mothers find breastfeeding challenging because;

Breastfeeding isn’t simple 100% of the time. Numerous ladies of childbearing age weren’t presented to breastfeeding, either because the ladies in their lives didn’t make it happen, so for the overwhelming majority, it’s another idea. Your child will probably need to eat a few times each night around midnight during the first few weeks. A regular breastfed child will eat about 14 in a 24-hour duration.

Some mothers also find breastfeeding slightly painful. Well, this shouldn’t bother you because your milk glands are filled with milk and are waiting to be let out at any slightest chance.

Exceptions To Breastfeeding

Mothers who have health-related issues are most times advised not to breastfeed their babies until the health condition is completely dealt with. Some of these health issues include cancer, HIV, Infections, and some others.

Generally speaking, as a nursing mother, not breastfeeding your baby not only deprives your baby of the necessary nutrients, feel, and bonding you should give him or her as a mother that you are; it also deprives you of the benefits and advantages you stand to gain. Now you know all these, it’s time to step up your game in fulfilling your filial duties as a mother and also improving your overall health in the long run. Happy motherhood!

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