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10+ Best (& Worst) Web Hosting Affiliate Programs of 2022

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways bloggers use to make money from their blogs.

Although Paid Ads or Advertising Programs like Google AdSense are good ways to monetize your blog/site, Affiliate Marketing is still the best in some niches and one of these niches is Web Hosting.

If you have a blog or site that has a niche similar or linked to Web Hosting, WordPress, or any topic related to Web mastering then you need to join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program to market in your blog.

This guide will help you to choose the best Web Hosting Affiliate Program to join.

Why join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

You may be wondering now why we mentioned before that you need to join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program!

As we mentioned above, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog and one of the most popular affiliate programs that sell well online is Websites Hosting Affiliate programs.

Especially for those who write about stuff related to webmastering e.g. Blogging, WordPress plugins, and themes, or even for every website owner.

You can easily earn a good revenue just by writing a single post about a web hosting company or service review or even by displaying a banner or a link, and without losing your blog visitors.

How do Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Work?

Generally, Affiliate programs pay you only when you refer a new customer and he makes a qualified purchase.

A qualified purchase is a hosting service purchase that meets certain criteria (i.e. minimum purchase duration, your own purchases are not counted, etc.. )

When a customer clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a hosting service or uses your custom coupon code during purchasing process you will be credited for this sale if it is qualified.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

This is a list of the highest-paying, easy-to-promote, well-known hosting affiliate programs that you can join right now.

Rank Affiliate program Commission per Sale Join Now
1 Bluehost $65 Join
2 A2 Hosting $85 – $140 Join
3 DreamHost $15 – $200 Join
4 InMotion Hosting $50 – $75 Join
5 HostGator $50 – $125 Join
6 HostMonster $65 Join
7 JustHost $65 Join
8 iPage $105 Join
9 CrucialHosting $10 – $3,000 Join
10 WebHostingPad $75 Join
11 GreenGeeks $50 – $100 Join
Top Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to AVOID

InterServer Affiliate Program

You might be tricked by the $100 commission rate, but there is a catch!

Based on our experience, InterServer has a very high churn rate (93% for us!) which means a lot of the customers you refer will leave InterServer soon.

That results in very low earnings since the referred customer must be active for 3 months, but that won’t happen in most cases.

SiteGround Hosting Affiliate Program

SiteGround is a decent web hosting provider and its web hosting affiliate program is not different.

The years 2019 and 2020 were remarkable years in the life of SiteGround, they moved to Google Cloud, used their own control panel, increased their regular and introductory prices, and more.

On November 5, 2020, they decided to suspend many affiliate accounts in many countries around the world due to poor performance indicators and regulatory and tax complexities!

That was not a good move from a big web hosting provider like them. The affiliate marketers have already published a huge amount of content and invested a lot of money and time producing reviews and guides.

A good company would appreciate the efforts of their existing affiliate marketers and would disable new account registrations only instead of doing a mass account suspension.

That is why we wouldn’t recommend SiteGround’s hosting affiliate program as they might decide to suspend all affiliate accounts one day!

How to Promote Web Hosting Products?

You may think that you can’t market a web hosting service, but let me tell you that it’s not hard to market a web hosting service.

Just introduce the hosting service to your blog readers and if they need hosting they will likely follow your links.

Here are some successful ways that worked with many bloggers:

Write a Web Hosting service review

This is the most popular way for marketing a Web Hosting service, what you need to do is just writing a review for your readers about the hosting service.

You may just write about your experience with your hosting service provider and how they provide a good hosting service and add your affiliate link in the post.

Display a banner on your blog

Almost all hosting affiliate programs provide advertising banners that you can use to encourage your site visitors to visit the company site.

You can use this method just by copying the banner HTML code from your affiliate dashboard and add it to your website so that your site visitors will see it while visiting your blog.

And once they click on the banner, they will be redirected to the hosting company’s site via your affiliate link.

Use promo codes and discount coupons

Some hosting companies provide promo codes and coupons that you may use to encourage your site visitors to purchase a service from these companies.

Publish a how-to start a blog guide

You can also promote the web hosting affiliate program you joined by publishing a how to start a blog guide on your website.

Most web hosting providers will help you and provide you the needed screenshots and files.

This is very useful if you run a tech blog or similar niches. And a good example of that is our guide on how to start a WP blog on HostGator.

Add your affiliate link to your site’s footer

Another method to refer visitors to the hosting company is adding your affiliate link in your site header or footer.

For example, you may add sentences like: “Hosting by Bluehost” or “WordPress Hosting by DreamHost” to your blog footer and replace SiteGround with the hosting affiliate program link.


If you’re looking for making extra money from your site or blog you need to consider joining some affiliate programs, and one of the most popular affiliate programs that you can join now is Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

You can promote these products easily by writing a review, displaying a banner, using coupons, or placing your affiliate link in your site’s header or footer.

Some popular Web Hosting Affiliate programs that you can join now are A2 Hosting, Bluehost, DreamHost, SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, and HostGator affiliate programs, Select the best Web Hosting Affiliate Program from them and start promoting it.

If you want to share your personal experience with us, please don’t hesitate to join the discussion below.



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