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Birds Eye shrinks fish finger packs but keeps the price the same

Birds Eye has quietly shrunk packs of cod fish fingers while keeping the price the same.

Packs now contain 10 fingers, down from the previous 12 raising fears that this could cause chaos for fish finger sandwich fans.

The packs of fish fingers will now contain 10 instead of 12
The Birds Eye website shows the previous 12-size pack under the new size on its website

Loyal eaters of the British classic usually use three fingers per sandwich meaning they can get foursandwiches out of a pack.

The change means this will no longer be possible, and to rub salt in the wound the price of a new pack is the same at2.50.

Boxes of the old-size fish fingers still appear on the Birds Eye website but it now describes them as containing10 fingers.

The change was spotted by Steve Dresser who provides insight to supermarkets and other retailers, who tweeted a picture of both size packs for sale.

In November, Birds Eye, owned by New York-listed Nomad Foods, warned that its costs had risen and that it may have to put up prices.

And now fish fingers are the latest victim of shrinkflation, where manufacturers reduce packet sizes and keep costs the same, blaming Brexit for putting up prices due to the weak pound.

The value of sterling has dropped by around 16 per cent against the dollar and 14 per cent against the euro since the vote to leave the European Union last year.

This has pushed up the cost of raw materials and products which are bought in other currencies.

One supermarket has both the old and new size listed at the same price
While the new smaller size is also available online for the same price

Birds Eye isnt the only brand to shrink packet sizes. Last year, Toblerone faced a furious backlash after changing the shape of its distinctive chocolate bars.

The product makers Mondelez International increased the gap between the peaks to reduce the weight of 400g and 170g bars.

In December, The Sun Online reported that sharing bags of Malteasers and Galaxy Counters had reduced in size but not in price.

Boxes of Mr Kipling cake slices have also shrunk, ahead of its manufacturer putting up prices.

Earlier this month, Premier Foods warned that it is considering putting up the price of its products, which also includes Bisto gravy granules and Oxo stock cubes, by a single digit mark.

A spokesperson from Birds Eye said: The cost of many of our raw materials have risen since the EU Referendum.

Whilst we are absorbing a significant proportion of the inflation ourselves, the level of increases mean that some pack sizes will see a reduction.

Reducing the size of some of our products is not a decision we take lightly. Our first priority is always to the people who buy our brands and we are committed to ensuring they get the best quality products that provide value for money.

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