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I’m a savvy mum – my clever boiler trick could save hundreds on your energy bills

A MUM has shared a clever, yet simple boiler hack that could wipe off hundreds of pounds from your energy bills.

The TikTok user, who goes by the name “budgetingmum”, said you could save money on energy bills by changing the flow temperature on your combi boiler.

You could save hundreds by adjusting the flow temperature on your boiler.

Flow settings on your boiler control the temperature that hot water is heated to before it comes out of the taps.

Typically combi boilers come pre-set to a temperature that is far higher than needed and it also means they run less efficiently.

This can therefore increase household bills.

Beth, who has just shy of 45k followers on TikTok, learnt of the trick after asking her engineer for ways to save some extra cash amid the cost of living crisis and it’s as simple as just turning the flow temperature down.

In her video, she said: “He said the one thing you can do is adjust radiator [flow] setting.”

“So this is currently on about 65C to 66C. But he said it can happily run at 55 degrees.

“If you turn it down to 55C this will save you a little bit of money on your gas.”

According to the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee, the average annual gas and electricity bill costs £2,500 in 2022 (of course this depends on size and usage).

According to The Heating Hub, which offers expert tips on saving money on heating, this quick change could shave off 9% of your annual bill so roughly £225 a year.

Your boiler may already be at an appropriate level – but check

The Heating Hub also said that whoever installed your boiler should have reduced the flow temperature to 50C – 70C to give it a chance to run in what is known as “condensing mode” as much as possible.

This is when it can recover the heat that was previously lost through the flue on old-style boilers.

So of course, it may already be set at an appropriate setting, but it’s best to check anyway.

How to change your flow settings

For those with a combi-boiler, you’ll most likely have two dials on it – one for heating, and one for hot water.

The heating dial will most likely have a radiator icon on it, while the hot water dial will probably have a tap on it, according to The Heating Hub.

Boiler settings vary from model to model, so it’s a good idea to check the manual to find out exactly how to set yours

When to not set it below 60C

If you have a water tank, you should not set your flow temperature below 60C.

The hack can be used on combi boilers, but not if you have a boiler with a water tank.

Hot water is known to kill nasty germs but how hot do we need our water? Many of us waste heating our hot water to 60C before cooling it down again by mixing it with cold water.

At 60C, hot water can cause serious scalding in under five seconds, but in order for hot water to kill nasty bacteria, it needs to be above 75C and submerged in the water for over 30 seconds.

If you’re washing your dishes by hand, then you only need to loosen the grease and oil.

Some homes may already have high tech room thermostats that adjust the flow automatically, or you may find your boiler is already set at the right level.

How else is my boiler costing money?

It’s not just your boiler’s flow settings that could be making your energy bills go up.

Ensure that when your boiler’s running that there’s no draught.

Ventilation is good for health and air quality but it’s the first place where heat will escape.

If there’s a draught, grab a draught excluder and plug the gap.

You should also ensure your windows are closed before the sun sets.

It’s also worth closing your curtains before it gets dark as the heat will then stay inside your home.

Another great way to ensure you save money is to turn off your boiler when you’re not using the water.

Most boilers or thermostats have a setting to allow you to schedule when the heating turns on and off.

Consider what rooms in your home need heating.

You won’t be using each one 24/7 so make sure the heating is off in any rooms that aren’t occupied.

If you spot rust on your boiler then it could mean you’re paying more than you need to on using your appliance.

Although rust itself does not cause issues, it could be a sign that there is a leak – which indicates there is a problem with your boiler.

It can also upset the temperature balance in your boiler, making it run less efficiently and ramp up costs.

There is also a list of other common boiler problems we’ve rounded up that could be pumping up your bills.

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