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B&Q is selling a £7 plant that should make sure mould never grows in your home

MOULD and condensation build up can happen, but B&Q is selling a plant that aims to keep mould out of your home for just £7.

The DIY chain has launched the sale of Peace Lily plants, which are ideal for preventing mould as their leaves absorb water through the air.

Peace Lily plants are ideal for preventing mould

Mould is caused when there is a high level of moisture in the air in your home and thousands of families across the UK are affected by it.

The room most likely to have mould is your bathroom as that’s where you’ll get the most moisture after a bath or shower.

If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, it adds an extra risk of mould due to the lack of ventilation.

The problem can cause unappealing patches to appear on your walls, and could even affect your health

But choosing the right houseplant can be a simple way to get rid of the household problem.

Peace Lily plants are purifying, and don’t need much sunlight to survive – making them a great choice for bathrooms without windows.

B&Q’s £7 plant comes in a 12cm pot but there are also options for bigger sizes up to 21cm at higher prices.

A 17cm pot is priced at £15, while one that measures 21cm is priced at £22.

The plants are available to buy both online and in stores – but you should check if they have them in stock before making a trip to the shops.

And remember that you will have to pay for delivery if you order online, so factor this in before you pay.

B&Q has almost 300 shops across the UK and you can use the store finder tool on it website to find your local store.

The Sun also spotted Peace Lilies on sale at other retailers such as M&S and Waitrose.

But there were significantly pricier than those at B&Q.

M&S is charging £30 for a Peace Lily basket, while Waitrose’s plant is £40.

How to get rid of mould at home

One of the easiest to avoid getting mould is to open your windows every day to let fresh air in, and keep doors between rooms open.

Ensuring that air continuously circulates through your home will reduce condensation so the mould cannot grow.

You should also open cupboard doors regularly to allow fresh air in to make sure there’s no mould growing inside.

If you spot any mould and want to tackle it yourself, you can use a mould removal foam spray on the affected areas, leave it to work, and then wipe and scrub away using a cloth and a kitchen scourer.

To prevent mould from growing in the first place, here are some other houseplants besides Peace Lily that can remove mould and condensation from your home.

In addition, a property expert explains how you should get rid of mould properly – here are his five top tips.

Elsewhere, a couple have revealed how they bought a B&Q plant for £12 – but its leaves are worth £170 each.

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