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Brits warned over ‘Poundland hack’ that claims to heat your house for free

BRITS have been warned over a “Poundland Hack” that claims to heat your house for free.

With cold weather starting to bite alongside rising energy bills, homeowners have been looking for ways to keep their homes warm on a budget.

Brits have been warned over a Poundland hack that sees hot bricks put in the oven
Klaire De Lys revealed the TikTok hack to save on energy bills
But the dangerous hack has been slammed by experts

One cost-cutting hack sees Brits heating up bricks in their ovens on a Poundland wire tray in a bid to heat up their homes.

The method in question was revealed by popular Tik Toker Klaire de Lys, who makes videos on how to save money and maximise your energy.

The hack has become known as the Poundland heating hack – but it is not linked to the low-cost shop.

But consumer expert Martyn James warned against the hack saying: “Sticking a brick in the oven is a terrible idea to keep your home warm.

“This might have worked with stones and embers in the 18th century under certain circumstances, but not in 2022.

“The problem is some bricks are not fired to survive at high temperatures and could explode in your cooker.

“More to the point, if you are forced to consider using methods like this to heat your home, then you are in financial difficulties and energy firms should be coming up with solutions to help you reduce your bills and stay warm. Seek help – just not from TikTok.”

Back in October, Klaire shared her “Poundland hack” and claimed it would make your heating go a lot further.

The first step is to find yourself three standard bricks which she placed in her oven on a cheap wire tray from Poundland.

Klaire explains that the hot bricks will retain heat a lot longer than the actual oven.

And she claims that leaving them out after heating will slowly emit warmth through your home.

Klaire does say that you need to make sure that the bricks are completely dry and your central heating for your property is off.

The TikToker also warns that they must be household bricks and “not stones or rocks” otherwise it could be very dangerous.

However, it is important to note that this controversial method is not guaranteed to work and Brits trying it should exercise caution.

As mentioned by experts, this can be a very dangerous hack if you don’t use the right type of brick.

Firebrick or refractory brick are designed to withstand higher temperatures – whereas regular bricks will crack and explode.

It comes after energy gurus shared a number of safe heating hacks that do work when heating up your home.

One suggestion is to utilise bright daylight by opening up your curtains, this can heat up your home in these dreary months.

Another simple hack to is to make sure no items of furniture are in front of the radiator and blocking the heat source.

While homeowners have also been advised to leave the bathroom door open when showering so the steam and heat warms the rest of your house.

Lastly, you should make sure to keep out any draughts, you can do this by putting a draft excluder at each door.

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