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Celebrations hints at massive u-turn on Bounty sweets – but choc fans are already furious and call it a ‘complete stunt’

Chocolate lovers have dubbed the move to scrap Bounty a “PR stunt” as the new advert implies a comeback for the coconut chocolate.

While the chocolatier hasn’t confirmed or denied if Bounty is going to make an official comeback to the tubs, it does seem more likely than not.

Celebrations’ Christmas ad features a lonely Bounty in the woods
The Bounty chocolate is then found by an elderly lady who takes him in

Celebrations released its Christmas video for 2022 today, November 9.

It follows Mr Bounty who is left alone in the woods after being dumped from the tub.

He’s found by an elderly woman who takes him in and cares for him but before too long he gains the confidence to go home after a public appeal for him to return.

The advert ends with him back with his fellow Celebrations friends like Mars, Snickers and Galaxy.

The advert is accompanied by a song which poses the idea that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

The advert asks viewers to show their support for the shunned chocolate by Tweeting their thoughts with #BringBackBounty.

But even before the advert was released, fans were already speculating if the trial to dump Bounty from 2,000 tubs was permanent, with some dubbing it a PR stunt.

One person tweeted: “Celebrations lying about taking Bounty bars out just for a PR stunt is why I have trust issues with the internet.”

Another said: “More I think about, more I think this is a publicity stunt.

“Celebrations are for sharing and a lot of people like Bounty so why remove them.”

Someone else added: “I honestly reckon Celebrations pulling Bounty is a publicity stunt. they’ll bring it back to get us talking next year.”

Celebrations announced last week that Bounty would no longer feature in 2,000 of its tubs this year.

Extra Mars, Snickers, Milkyway, Teasers and Galaxy have been added to make up for the axed Bounty bars in the limited edition tubs.

From what we saw the majority of fans were devastated by the news, calling for a mutiny.

However, some were overjoyed with the news and said it was wonderful that Bounty was finally being scrapped.

The controversial chocolate bar has divided fans for years.

If Bounty being axed wasn’t enough to wreak havoc amongst chocolate lovers, Celebrations has also changed its wrappers.

Celebrations fans were appalled on Twitter, with one person hinting this news was worse than the axe to Bounty bars.

They said: “Everyone is kicking off about Bounty in Celebrations, [but] when are we going to talk about the AWFUL wrappers?”

Another furious chocolate shopper asked: “Who on earth authorised the new Celebrations wrappers? They are SO tacky!”

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