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25 of the best Christmas stocking fillers for adults under £5 including Boots and B&M

LOOKING for that perfect festive gift for your older relatives, without breaking the bank?

We’ve put together a list of items they’ll either find really useful or lots of fun.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite cheap stocking fillers for adults

Remember that prices change – so before buying anything it’s always worth searching for cheaper prices on a shopping comparison site.

Google or Idealo are free and easy to use.

And factor in delivery costs which may make the total cost dearer. 

Below are our favourites for this Christmas.

1. Fragranced reed diffuser, £2.99, B&M

Make yours or a loved one’s home smell nice with a diffuser

This diffuser puts out a sweet, woody and floral scent – a lovely present for anyone to keep their home smelling nice. 

Buy in-store only.

2. Reusable Hand Warmers, £4.99, (

Keep your hands toasty with these warmers on cold days

This pair of hand warmers offers instant heat inside your gloves or coat pocket on cold winter days.

To get it warm, pop the metal disk and massage the gel pad.

Reset the warmers by boiling them and allowing them to simmer until the crystals have dissolved.

Allow to cool totally before handling. Each activation lasts up to 45 minutes.

3.  Canned wine, £2.65, (

This is a handy stocking filler for any wine lover

Cans of Nice wine are great for taking out of the house without worrying about glasses or bottles – a fun gift for the wine lover in your life.

Sainsbury’s sells them in Sauvignon blanc, Rosé and Malbec varieties.

4. Character Yoga Cards, £3.99, (

Yoga fans may like this set of 50 cards

Fun for yoga fans, this set of 50 cards features funny illustrations of animals doing different moves.

5. Star Wars playing cards, £3.98, (

Star Wars fans may like this pack of playing cards

If you’re planning for some family card games over Christmas, consider buying a themed pack of playing cards to cater for your loved one’s tastes. 

Waddingtons No.1 is selling Game of Thrones, Star Wars Mandalorian, Lord of the Rings, James Bond and Harry Potter ones, amongst other themes.

6. Marmite truffle spread, £4.50, (

Marmite is a love or hate item for many Brits

A treat for Marmite lovers. This spread is described as the poshest Marmite ever – with a twist of Truffle flavour.

It can be used on your morning toast or added to cooking, from carbonara to scrambled eggs.

7. Monogram keyring, £1.99, (

Give a keyring with the first letter of someone’s name

The gift of a keyring means family members will constantly be reminded of you when they pick their keys up.

These monogrammed ones from The Card Factory come in all the letters of the alphabet.

8. Beard Buddy, £4.50 (

This styling bib will catch all the hairy bits as your man trims his beard

If you’re a partner of a bearded man, this is really a gift to yourself.

A styling bib to catch all the hairy bits as he trims his beard.

In-store only.

9. Percy Pig Cleansing Bubble Bath 500ml, £5, (

Percy Pig fans may like to soak in this bath bubbles

A bit of fun for fans of Percy Pig sweets. 

This fruity-smelling formula contains added moisturiser to leave skin feeling cleansed and soft.

10. Lipstick needle pin case, £3,

Stylish seamstresses can store needles in a lipstick-shaped case

A lipstick-shaped case is the perfect gift for stylish seamstresses to store their needles and pins.

It includes five needles.

11. Kew Pollination Seeds, £3.99 per packet (

Kew’s pollination seed collection includes a range of plants and flowers

One for gardeners. Kew’s pollination seed collection includes a range of plants and flowers that will help attract a variety of pollinators to the garden and enhance the ecosystem. 

There are over 20 packets to choose from, including lavender, evening primrose and marigolds.

Each packet is designed using images from Kew’s Library and Archives Collections.

12. Little’s flavoured coffee capsules, £4, (

Each box contains ten pods

Coffee lovers with a Nespresso machine might like to try Little’s Coffee capsules, which come in Creamy Caramel, French Vanilla, Rich Hazelnut, and Double Chocolate Flavours.

Each box contains ten pods. 

They will be stocked in Sainsbury’s with new branding from November 1, followed by Tesco, Ocado and Waitrose.

13. Eye gels, £2.40, (

The eye gels can be a thoughtful gift for someone who’s been tired lately

This pair of eye gels is intended to brighten the skin under your eyes and boost circulation.

A thoughtful gift for someone who’s been tired lately.

14. Faux pearl earrings, £5 (

Pearls are needed in any jewellery box

They are base metal rather than actual pearls, but still make a lovely gift to the woman who looks a million dollars.

15. Heatpacks, £4.99 (

Help your loved ones with a microwaveable heatpack

Loved ones suffering from aches and pains may appreciate getting a lavender-scented heatpack in their stocking.

It’s basically wrapped packs of wheat which can be warmed in the microwave. 

Heat them for no more than 80 seconds on the 1000W setting. 

16. Bench perfume for women, £4.99, (

This could be the perfect addition to a lady’s handbag

A fruity fragrance with wafts of apple, jasmine, lily and orange all thrown in.

The perfect addition to a lady’s handbag.

17. Make-up applicator sponges, £3.99, (

The sponges can be used to apply liquid foundation, blush, loose powder, eye shadow and concealer

This set of reusable applicator sponges can be used to apply liquid foundation, blush, loose powder, eye shadow and concealer. 

Useful for make-up wearers considering that many beauty products are now sold without sponges.

18. Travel sewing kit, £4.50, (

Get a portable sewing kit for workers who spend a lot of time travelling

A portable sewing kit can be invaluable to students living away or workers who spend a lot of time travelling.

This set includes a clear red zip-up case, assorted threads, scissors, a thimble, assorted needles, measuring tape, safety pins, a pin cushion, button pins and a stitch ripper. 

19. Garden birds identifier chart, £4.50, (

Learn more about Britain’s most widespread garden birds

A useful fold-out chart to help people learn 39 of Britain’s most widespread and familiar garden birds.

And the money goes to the RSPB.

20. Ski neck warmer, £1.99, (

Help your family and friends stay warm in the skiing slopes

For keeping your loved one wrapped up in the winter months.

Folds up small enough to go into pockets. 

21. The Mini Christmas Selection, £5, Hotel

You can never have too much chocolate at Christmas

The supermarkets are rammed with chocolate at this time of year so it’s hard to know which to choose.

For a classy and elegant choice try Hotel’s Chocolate’s mini Christmas selection, which includes the simple dark bauble, caramel supernova, Christmas mess and treacle tart flavours.

22. The White Collection winter spice hand wash, £4.50, (

Have a posh-looking handwash in your bathroom

It’s always nice to have a posh-looking handwash in the loo, and this one has a lovely scent of berries and citrus fruit.

23. Spotlight Shine nail polish, £3.19, (

The nail polish comes in a wide range of colours

A budget gift for lovers of colourful, shiny nails.

Comes in different colours from Superdrug including mocha, sweet caramel, iced coffee and blue.

Currently reduced from £3.99.

24. JCB leather wallet, £4.99, (

The JCB wallet comes with a special blocking technology

The JCB wallet comes with a special blocking technology to help protect bank cards against wireless identity theft, fraud and other criminal activity.

It has eight card pockets, two note pockets and one for zip coins.

25. Twinings tea collection, £2, (

These green teas and infusions designed to promote the drinker’s wellbeing

A selection of green teas and infusions designed to promote the drinker’s wellbeing, with flavours dedicated to boosting the immune system, skin and hair, digestion and detox. 

A great gift for those who love to try different teas.

We round up the best stocking fillers for kids under £5.

Plus, shoppers are also rushing to snap up a Christmas staple at Aldi for 18p.

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