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Shocking moment couple ‘force ENTIRE flight to be emptied’ after ‘claustrophobic’ wife demanded an aisle seat

THIS is the moment an entire flight reportedly had to deplane as a woman complaining of claustrophobia wanted an aisle seat.

Footage from a United Airlines flight to Rome shows the womans husband arguing with other passengers and cabin crew.

The man could be seen arguing with other passengers
He said his wife had paid extra for an aisle seat

One frustrated passenger asks him: So youre going to kick everyone off? Youre going to make everyone get off now?

He tells the fed-up traveller to blame the attendants.

The passenger replies: Im blaming you because youre the one whos going to make us all get off because youre not leaving. Because you didnt get your way.

I understand shes supposed to have her seat but youre not going to disrupt it for everybody.

The womans husband responds: Oh yes we are.

He then challenges a flight attendant who he calls Mr customer service.

The irate man hits out, saying his partner had paid $142 extra to have an aisle seat as she suffers from claustrophobia only to end up with her worst case scenario against the wall.

His wife can be heard telling him we have to get off the plane.

He questions the attendant on what will happen when they disembark.

While the arguments are going on, other passengers appear to be collecting up their possessions.

The Sun has contacted United Airlines for comment on the incident on November 3.

It comes after a passenger refused to swap seats during a flight with a family so they could all sit together

The traveller said they were on a 10-hour flight from Greece in September, with the end of the summer holidays making for a very busy time of year.

He said onReddit: I booked my ticket specifically to be closer to the front of the plane so I can be closer to the gate when its time to get out.

I personally hate traveling so I spent a bit more money to be closer.

However, as soon as he got on the plane, he said a family-of-four asked if he couldswap seatsso they could all sit together.

He continued: Normally Id be okay with that but switching spots would mean moving back 20 rows down which leaves me at an inconvenience and I would not be getting my moneys worth.

However, after saying he wanted to keep his seat, he was called an a***** by the woman in front of her husband and kids, adding she ended up making a scene.

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