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Courgette crisis will continue until JUNE as bad weather in Spain persists

COURGETTE supply shortages could continue until June due to bad weather in Spain.

While the availability of tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and lettuce may be tight until at least May, according to The Grocer.

Courgette crisis could continue until May as bad weather in Spain continues

And increased demand for courgettes in January as more people look to eat healthily at the start of the year, may have added to supply shortages.

Earlier this month The Sun Online reported how some bad weather in some parts of Spain, including the southern eastern area of Murcia, were to blame for supply problems with some crops.

The region produces 80 per cent of the vegetables sold in the UK during Winter.

Persistent bad weather including snow and flooding has damaged crops and stopped farmers from planting.

In Murcia, the average temperature in mid-January should be 16 degrees in the day and 8 degrees at night but temperatures have fallen below zero at night and 2 degrees in the day.

John McCann, managing director of bagged salad producer, Willowbrook Foods, visited the area last week.

He told FG Insight that he has seen planted crops washed away by floods and turned into lakes.

The crops are 80 per cent unusable and with up to four weeks of planting missed and little or no growth happening, a disaster is unfolding.

What happens next will depend on the temperatures over the coming weeks, he said.

Supermarkets say they are working hard to make sure supplies dont run out but remain tight lipped on whether prices will rise.

But the good news is that if the weather in Spain does pick up then courgettes will be one of the first crops to appear back on the shelves.

Nina Pullman, deputy editor of The Fresh Produce Journal, told The Sun Online: Aubergines and courgettes are really dependent on temperature if it warms up they will start growing more quickly and the supply shortages will ease.

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