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I’m the captain of a cruise ship – here is my luxurious cabin with a bathtub, walk-in closet and 55 inch TV

THE CAPTAIN of a cruise ship has wowed people online by sharing footage of his luxurious cabin.

Captain Johnny sails cruise liners for Royal Caribbean International and gave everyone a glimpse into his world by showing them where he stays on board the ship.

The captain’s room has a queen-sized bed, a walk-in closet and a big en-suite bathroom

In a video on Tiktok, he revealed just how much space he has to relax when he’s not hard at work and the conveniences he has access to.

Firstly, Johnny (@captainjohnnyfaevelen) shows off his guest bathroom, already revealing that he has more than enough space to host guests in his cabin.

Then he takes viewers on a tour of his master bedroom, which comes with a queen-size bed and a walk-in wardrobe.

Next to the closet is a huge en-suite bathroom, complete with a giant shower and “comfortable” bathtub.

The bathroom has a big shower and a ‘comfortable’ bathtub for the skipper
The captain has his own kitchen for when he doesn’t want to eat the ship’s food

Outside of the room, leading on from the cabin‘s grand foyer is the kitchen area.

The captain has access to a pantry, a fridge and cooking appliances, in case he gets bored of the high-end buffet food on board the ship.

Leading on from the kitchen is a dining area, which Johnny says he uses when his family come aboard for a visit, as well as a living room.

There a 55″ television offers the chance to relax and watch films and TV, while he also has his guitar on board too.

The cabin comes furnished so Johnny can host guests and family members

The cabin has a living room with a 55″ television for the captain to relax

Next to the living room is an office which provides direct access to the bridge, from where he controls the ship, meaning he also has a pretty good view from his cabin too.

The video has been seen almost 10million times, with a lot of people wishing they had as much space on land as the captain does at sea.

One wrote: “That’s bigger than my apartment.”

Another said: “My house is the size of his bathroom.”

A third person joked: “Almost half of the ship is occupied by the captain.”

The cabin backs onto the navigation bridge, so the captain also has a good view

Meanwhile, a cruise ship musician revealed the secret treats that only staff members have access to.

Another cruise staff member revealed that it’s the best way for them to save money on food and rent.

The grandly designed foyer opens up to the rest of the captain’s cabin

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