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How to Disable Q2W3 Fixed Widget on Mobile Devices

Many WordPress users use Q2W3 Fixed Widget WordPress plugin to add sticky widgets to their website sidebar. These fixed widgets are very good in matter of advertising, adding mail subscription forms and any type of widget that you want to stay in the same place when the visitor scrolls the page down. The main problem with fixed widgets is that, it works on all devices including mobile devices that have small screen width. When you view your website on mobile, you’ll find that the fixed widget jumps up and down and usually covers your website footer or other widgets.

In the past we had this problem too on, to solve this issue and disable Fixed Widget on Mobile devices I found that I can do that from Q2W3 Fixed Widget options page itself. And here’s how you can disable the fixed widget on mobile devices.

Disable WordPress Fixed Widget for Mobile devices

To disable the fixed widget on mobile devices we will use a built-in feature in the plugin. The feature disables the fixed widget when the browser window width is equal or less than a specific value. The value we will use is different for each WordPress theme, generally we will set the value at which your website layout changes and the sidebar is no longer appears at the side of page and goes under content.

Disable Fixed Widget on Mobile

To disable the Q2W3 Fixed widget on mobile devices follow these steps:

1. Open your WordPress Admin dashboard.

2. Navigate to Appearance » Fixed Widget Options.

How to Disable Q2W3 Fixed Widget on Mobile Devices
How to Disable Q2W3 Fixed Widget on Mobile Devices

3. Under General Options tab

Locate the “Screen Max Width” field and enter the value which the Fixed Widget WordPress plugin will be disabled if the browser window width is equal to or less than it.

For our website, we use 719 px as the max screen width.

4. Click Save Changes and you’re done.


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