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Driving to France? If you don’t have THIS new emissions sticker you could get fined £117

BRITISH motorists are being warned that they have until March 31st to put avehicle emissions sticker on their car if theyre driving to Paris or risk a hefty fine.

A new schemelaunched in France this month means that all cars in the capital must carry the anti-pollution stickers, including foreign vehicles.

There are six types of sticker, showing the age and cleanliness of a vehicle

Scooters, cars and lorries travelling to Paris must have the sticker displayedshowing how much the vehicle pollutes, on a scale of one to six.

The six coloured stickers indicate the age and cleanliness of a vehicle. Cars are rated according to whether they are electric or hydrogen-powered, petrol or diesel cars, andhow old they are.

Vehicles with high pollution scores can be banned from entering the French capital on days when pollution is high, which has been frequent over the past few days.

The CritAir scheme was launched on January 15th but vehicles registered abroad will be allowed to drive in the French capital without the sticker until March 31st.

After this time, drivers without the sticker will face an on-the-spot fine of between 68-135 (58-117).

The stickers can be ordered online and cost3.20.

Other cities in France have anti-pollution sticker schemes, too,includingLyon and Grenoble.

RAC European Breakdown spokesman Simon Williams said: British motorists travelling to Paris, Lyon and Grenoble need to make sure they dont get caught out by the new CritAir scheme that has come into force.

The scheme requires vehicles to have an emissions sticker clearly visible on the windscreen. The penalty for not displaying one is an on-the-spot fine of between 68 and 135 (about 58 to 117).

Foreign vehicles will be allowed to drive in central Paris without the sticker until 31 March, but our advice is to apply for one as soon as it is possible from 1 February at the official CritAir website,

We are aware of third-party websites already selling stickers for substantially more than French drivers are being charged by the French government, which motorists need to be wary of.

The stickers cost 3.20 to buy online

Mr Williams added that fromthe beginning of February, the onus would be on UK car owners to check the Euro emissions standard of their vehicle and apply for a sticker.

Wed recommend drivers do this well before they intend to travel so they dont run the risk of driving without one Mr Williams said.

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