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Study reveals average household wrongly thinks Britain imports 60% of its electricity

THE average Brit thinks around 60% of our electricity is imported – when in fact 93% of it is generated on our shores.

According to the National Grid, in October, the vast majority of the electricity used was produced in the UK from nine different sources, including wind and solar power.

Over 90% of Britain’s electricity is produced here

But a study of 4,000 adults revealed they think less than half of this is made in the country.

As a result, 30% completely disconnected from how energy is made, while a quarter admit they have no idea how domestic energy makes it into homes.

But 36% have begun to show more of an interest due to increasing prices.

Victoria Bacon from Smart Energy GB, which commissioned the research, said: “These results show there’s confusion when it comes to where our energy comes from and how it’s produced.

“We want people to know how good Britain is at generating electricity from renewable sources and how smart meters are playing an increasingly important role in making our energy system more resilient and efficient.

“Smart meters in our homes and businesses will help make the most of home-grown renewable sources of electricity – such as wind and solar – so in the future we can rely less on gas imported from abroad.”

The study also found 52% associate the phrase ‘made in Britain’ with quality and excellence, with 31% imagining they’d feel prouder if they knew more about the energy that’s produced on home turf.

And the current cost-of-living crisis has left 39% supporting the idea of generating more electricity in Britain, with the same number wanting to be more efficient where they can.

While 41% would like to see measures put in place to ensure the energy system in this country is smarter and more sustainable.

Nearly half of those surveyed (45%) would also like to see the nation rely less on fossil fuels, according to the OnePoll data.

To celebrate both home grown produce and energy, Smart Energy GB is quizzing Brits to find out whether we know more about what’s in our fridges, compared to what powers them.

Victoria Bacon added: “With so many people proud of what the country produces, whether it be the cheese in our refrigerators or the energy that powers our homes.

“We want to help people understand a little more about our energy system and how smart meters will help to make it more resilient in the future.”

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