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Our family saved up to buy our own small plane – now we’re flying it around the world for a 14-month holiday

A FAMILY who saved up to buy their own plane, are now in the process of taking it on a round the world trip.

The Porter family from Canada spent $500,000 (£322,375) on the aircraft, which they are using to go on the holiday of a lifetime.

The Porter family are flying around the world for 14 months and have already visited 12 countries

So far, the Porters have been travelling for five months, and plan to spend another nine jetting about on their adventure.

The family have named their plane Moose and have already taken it to 12 different countries, with them currently exploring Argentina.

Next they plan to fly to Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and into Central America.

From there they will head east and visit Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, India, and Eastern Asia before returning to Canada.

The plane is called Moose and the family are flying it around the world for charity

Each of the five family members have their own roles to play while flying Moose around, although dad Ian is the pilot, something he has done professionally for 40 years.

Two of the kids Samantha (21) and Sydney (18) act as co-pilots, while mum Michelle is in charge of planning and navigation.

The youngest of the bunch Christopher (15) isn’t able to fly the plane himself just yet, but is in charge of flying the family’s drone, which captures a lot of footage for their social media channels.

The Porters have more than 17,000 followers on Instagram, where they post as fly5inthesky.

Their travels are also documented on Tiktok under the same handle, where they are even more popular – with more than 50,000 people following their adventures there.

With the exotic locations like the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and US Virgin Islands already ticked off on their itinerary, it’s easy to see why Ian describes it as a “dream come true”.

However, for him it’s not the destinations that are important, but who he’s sharing the experience with.

He said: “It is a really cool experience, not just flying around the world, meeting all of these people and seeing what we see but to do it as a family is a dream come true I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

The idea for the trip came about when the family realised they had a perfect 14-month window of opportunity.

Ian said that he had always wanted to take his wife and kids along on his longer journeys and this gave them the perfect chance to do it.

He continued: “I have been a pilot for quite a while and have done some fairly long trips and when I had been doing those trips, I thought it would be good if I could do this for as long as possible and it would be great for the family to come along too.

“We told the kids the time would work well because my oldest daughter could take a gap year at university, my middle daughter had just finished high school and could take a break between university and my son could do online learning – we had a 14-month window and went for it.”

The trip isn’t just a family project with the Porters also raising money for charity as they fly.

The family are gathering funds for SOS Children’s Villages, who provide support to children separated, or at risk of separation, from their families.

The Porters aim to raise $1million for the charity (£645,000).

Dad Ian is the family pilot and has been flying planes for over 40 years

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The Porter family bought their plane for £322,000 before jetting off around the world

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