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I’m a fashionista and I make an extra £6,000 each year with my savvy side hustle – here’s how

A FASHIONISTA has made an extra £6,000 a year with a savvy side hustle – here’s how she did it.

Kelly Anne McEwan is a marketing manager for an estate agent by day and rents used dresses by night.

Kelly McEwan earns an extra £6,000 a year through her savvy side hustle
The 29-year-old said her side hustle had allowed to ‘enjoy’ the finer things in life
Kelly buys designer dresses and rents them online

The 29-year-old from Clapham, South London, earns an extra £500 a month by putting up her dresses on HURR and By Rotation to rent.

Kelly said she got into the lucrative side hustle after she gathered “a lot of designer dresses” from working in the fashion industry.

Instead of simply letting them gather dust in her wardrobe, the businesses-minded Londoner advertised them online.

“I had no plans to wearing them anytime soon and in the age of Instagram we don’t want to be pictured in the same item twice, so I thought I might as well list the dresses,” she said, according to the Evening Standard.

“I now take dresses to the Post Office almost every other day and make at least £500 a month.”

Over time, Kelly developed a system that ensured her new gig didn’t clash with her day job.

To keep her outfits in top shape, she got them steamed before and after they’ve been worn and sends them off to clients during her lunch break.

She’s also invested in a handheld steamer as well as bundles of mailing bags and a label printer to speed up the process.

She said: “It’s nice to have an additional revenue stream. It feels like a steady side hustle without having to create a product or think of anything too innovative.

“Now every time I buy a designer dress for an event, I list the item on the apps straight away — I’d recommend it to anyone if they’re not too precious about sharing their clothes.

“It’s like lending a dress to a friend — and you only need one designer dress to start.”

She said renting her dresses made her less worried about buying designer goods during the cost-of-living crisis, as the dresses tend to fall in value after a few rentals.

“I’m happy to be investing in quality items and not fast fashion, and no longer have to feel guilty about those extra coffees and dinners out,” she said.

“Interestingly, the majority of my rentals are to people living in London, and side hustles are very common among my London friends.

“Young professionals often choose to move to London for the lifestyle and there’s no point living here if you feel financially guilty about enjoying yourself.

“Side hustles like mine prevent you from dipping too much into your salary.”

A recent study found that more than 10 million Brits are looking to start up a side gig with Google searches for “side hustle” jumping by 58 per cent over the last 12 months.

Working a second job can lead to being charged a higher tax rate.

If you’ve picked up a job on the side, make sure to speak to an accountant on how lodge your tax to avoid any nasty surprises from HMRC.

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