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Fitness 2022: 4 best exercises for women over 50

Exercising in our 50s has many positive health effects.

Job, family, household – the older we get, the more daily to-dos are on our daily schedule. Sport is usually the first thing we no longer have time for. But right now we should be active after all fitness helps us to prevent diseases and to stay mobile. We name the 4 best exercises for women over 50.

Many of us are real jocks when we are young and do less and less sport as we get older. After all, it is not so easy to fit this into the schedule alongside a full-time job and family life. It is particularly important during this time to do something good for your body in the form of exercise.

Why is sport important after 50?

From the age of 30, the elasticity of our cartilage decreases, we lose up to ten percent of muscle mass every year and our muscles are gradually converted into fat. This not only means that we gain weight faster, but also that the risk of osteoporosis increases. Especially in women, the probability of developing bone loss increases by around 40 percent after the age of 50. Anyone who does sports can counteract this, as can many other diseases whose risk increases with age. These include cardiovascular diseases and depression.

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The 4 best exercises for women over 50

Jump rope

The hormonal changes associated with menopause and with increasing age increase the risk of heart disease and depression. We can effectively prevent this with the help of sporting activities – for example, cardio training such as jumping rope. On the one hand, endurance sports train and strengthen the heart, and on the other hand, happy hormones have released that lift our spirits. Another advantage: within 10 minutes you can burn as many calories while jumping rope as jogging for half an hour. The sport also has a positive effect on your figure.


In addition to endurance sports, you should also do weight training regularly, as this increases bone density. In addition to the fact that muscle training strengthens the joints, prevents wear and tear, contributes to good posture, and gets the body in shape. It’s not for nothing that squats are one of the most effective exercises of all – after all, with the so-called squats, you train your thighs and buttocks in particular, but also your stomach, back, and calves. It is best to do the squats two to three times a week, in three sets of 15 sets each.

Video: Squats – the correct execution

Shoulder press

Also important for women over 50: exercises for the shoulders and arms. Strong core muscles can improve posture and prevent intervertebral disc problems, which often occur in old age. For example, the overhead press is a great way to work the muscles in your shoulders, chest, neck, core, and triceps.

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Pelvic lift

You should also not neglect your buttocks and back during training. Why? A strong back prevents back pain and disc problems and keeps your spine flexible. A trained bottom not only has a great shape but can also contribute to an upright posture. Good to know: You can vary the pelvic lift wonderfully in order to increase the intensity and have variety in your training.

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