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I’m an ex-flight attendant – here is the ‘clever’ plane upgrade trick that doesn’t actually work

A FORMER flight attendant has debunked a “clever hack” about getting a first class experience that has gone viral on social media.

Kat Kamalani, who worked as a flight attendant for six years, responded to a woman’s “hack” about how to get a better seat on a plane.

TikTok users Jaephens shared a hack about buying three seats in economy instead of a first-class flight
Ex-flight attendant Kat said you shouldn’t try this on busy flights

Originally posted by TikTok user ‘Jaephens’, she said that she often bought three seats in a row instead of a first class ticket, as it was cheaper but had just as much room.

She explained in her video: “Buying 3 seats in coach to sleep cuz it’s still cheaper than a first class flight.”

However, Kat responded in her own video saying not to try this.

She told her thousands of followers: “Yeah this doesn’t really work.

“People would buy extra seats but if that flight is really full and there are standby passengers – the gate agent is going to give them that seat if there is not a physical body in that seat.

“So I would probably not do this.”

More than 660k people watched her video on TikTok and many were stunned that this would still happen.

One person said: “This should be illegal, they shouldn’t be allowed to sell seats they don’t have, and if you buy seats you should get them.”

Another said: “That’s so unfair.”

Others had no sympathy – one person said: “Honestly good. don’t buy more than necessary.”

There is one airline that allows this, which is Air New Zealand.

Known as the Skycouch, the Air New Zealand option allows you to convert your row into a makeshift bed.

Passengers don’t need to buy three seats – instead, you pay for two seats and then upgrade to the Skycouch which automatically includes the third seat.

There is another handy way to get a row to yourself without paying much extra.

An expert explained that by using a seat website which reveals how many are left free, you can then nab three seats in a row.

Her TikTok followers were conflicted by the revelation

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