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I’m an ex-flight attendant – these are the stupidest questions I’ve been asked by passengers

A FORMER flight attendant has revealed some of the stupidest questions he was asked by passengers during his career.

Kentrell Charles was a flight attendant for 23 years with American Airlines.

A former flight attendant has revealed the stupid questions he was once asked (stock image)

He revealed some of the worst questions he got asked for Travel Awaits, including “how fluffy clouds are” and if passengers could “go below to check on their pets”.

Here are some of the other weird things he was asked – and why you should avoid them too.

1. How to open the plane window

While planes can get rather stuffy on long flights, sadly you shouldn’t expect to be able to open the windows.

But Kentrell said this didn’t occur to one woman onboard, who asked him how to roll the window down.

He said: ” I politely answered that it was not possible. If she were able to open the window, we would lose cabin pressure and that would be the end of her flight.”

There is nothing worse than a delayed flight meaning you miss your connection.

While airlines will often be aware of delays, especially if they are missing any passengers, it isn’t the job of flight crew to stop their plane.

Kentrell added: ” Another common question I’ve been asked is if I can call ahead to let the connecting flight know we are running late.

“Well, they already know, but unfortunately, they won’t hold the plane.”

3. If the toilet will suck them in

Plane toilets have a strong suction when flushed – but some people fear if may be too strong and suck them in.

This isn’t the case thankfully, with Kentrell explaining this is a common question with kids.

He said: “As far as I know, no one has ever gone down the toilet bowl.”

Kentrell added that some kids refuse to even flush it, and ask their parents to instead.

4. Where the microwave is

Plane food can taste bad, so some passengers bring their own snacks and meals onboard.

But some forget that this doesn’t mean there is a full kitchen onboard.

Kentrell said he had to politely tell a few travellers that the microwave and fridge are “not for personal use” and so can’t be used by passengers.

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Some passengers should think before they ask a flight attendant question (stock image)

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