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Internet divided over a row between flyers after one ‘kept poking’ the other’s seat – but who’s in the right?

A MAN has divided opinion after he was yelled at by a passenger, who asked them to stop poking his seat during a flight.

Reddit user goo_bazooka took to the community sharing site to explain his frustration at the man behind him jabbing his seat while using the inflight entertainment.

A man has divided opinion after he was yelled at by a passenger after he asked them to stop poking his seat to use the inflight entertainment during a flight

He wrote: Had a five hour long west coast to east coast flight, 40-year-old male was sitting behind me poking the touchscreen on the back of my seat.

Those touch screens were not the older style ones, they didnt need as much push for it to register what you are touching on the screen. But he seemed to not know or care and was pushing the screen pretty forcefully.

I put up with it for an hour and a half straight, hoping he would stop on his own or find a movie.

I turned round in my seat and said can you please stop poking my seat?

He LOST IT on me and starting screaming how he was looking for a movie. I said Ive put up with it for an hour and a half and he made a big scene.

Called me a bunch of profanities and that Im a moron, dumb, idiot, that he can touch whatever he wants as long as he wants.

He kept doing it for the rest of the flight and randomly purposely shook my seat any time I was trying to fall asleep.

The writer asked readers if he was the one in the wrong or if it was the other passenger.

Most of the comments were from people who were on the side of the writer, and thought the man was out of order.

One person wrote: Who even does that? The fact he caused a scene afterwards is embarrassing for him. If I were you I would have put my seat as far back as I could for the rest of the flight.

Another person put: You should have called the flight attendant over when he blew up and when he was shaking your seat. Unacceptable.

Someone else wrote: Nothing seems to bring out the worst in selfish, socially unaware people than flying.

But someone else wasnt as quick to judge the man, and thought that the writer could have handled the situation better himself.

They wrote: I think you knew that he didnt realise he was putting a lot more force on it than was necessary.

You could have just said you probable dont realise but you only need to tap lightly on the screen for it to work, would you be able to do that please, or something similar.

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Most people thought the other passenger was out of order but one disagreed

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