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Passenger asks elderly couple to swap seats during flight – and people are surprisingly divided

A WOMAN asked if she was in the wrong after asking an older couple to swap seats during a flight – but the rest of their family were left unhappy by it.

The 36-year-old woman was flying with her 78-year-old mother on a short-haul flight.

A woman asked if she was wrong to ask an older couple to swap seats during a flight

Despite having seats A and D, an elderly couple were sat in the middle of them in seats B and C.

She explained on Reddit: “I explained my mum didn’t like flying and would one of them swap so I could sit in seat B next to her.

“They were very nice and accommodating, said of course, and so we all settled in with the two older people next to each other, both in aisle seats.”

However, the rest of the couple’s family turned up, with a mum, dad and two-year-old sitting in front.

She continued: “Immediately the mother starts to complain. Mother of the 2-year-old says it’s unacceptable.

“They had actually reserved these seats as little 2-year-old likes to look through the seats and see granny and grandpa and play with them.”

She added that the older couple tried to calm her down, but the mum was left “p*****” with “constant complaining” from the parents.

The Redditer finished by saying she hates confrontation so felt bad, and asked if she was in the wrong for moving, but people were surprisingly divided.

Some were on her side – one person wrote on Reddit: “You asked nicely for a seat swap, they said yes. End of story.”

Another agreed: “The grandparents were cool with the swap of THEIR seats. They probably were thankful they didn’t have to deal with the kids.”

But others could see the parent’s side, saying the woman should have booked seats together.

One commented: “Next time, buy seats together instead of relying on the kindness of strangers.”

Someone else wrote: “If she paid extra to reserve those seats I can understand the mum’s frustration.”

Last month, a passenger refused to swap seats with a family of four and asked if they were in the wrong.

And another woman said she refused to give up her seats during a flight for a passenger who demanded she sat next to her husband.

People could see both sides, with some saying the woman should have paid for their own seat reservations (stock image)



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