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Footie fan gets 56 separate tickets when splitting his train ticket from Newcastle to Oxford to save cash

A FOOTIE fan who booked a rail trip was given 56 separate tickets for his journey.

Newcastle United supporter Jonathan Heywood and his girlfriend used a fare-splitting website to save money travelling to a game in Oxford.

Jonathan saved money by splitting his rail ticketalong the routefrom Oxford to Newcastle

The website found the cheapest deal by dividing the journey between seven stations on the route.

With seat reservations this added up to 14 tickets each or 28 for the return.

The couple saved 56, but Jonathan tweeted about the tickets and wrote: Fifty six tickets, are you having me on.

Newcastle ended up losing the FA Cup game 3-0, although the couple missed it anyway as Jonathans girlfriend hurt herself going into the ground and had to go to hospital.

Jonathans tweet prompted other people totweet pictures of their own ticket-splitting, including another football fan who posted a picture of a pile of tickets for a trip to see Southampton, which he said saved him 30.

Rail fares are set to be overhauled as thousands of long distance fares will be dropped from the National Rail database to ensure customers are always offered the lowest price for their journey.

The trial schemes will begin in May and will be tested on selected routes on Virgin Trains east and west coast services, as well as routes run by the Cross Country and East Midlands operators.

The new system will mean that you will no longer be able to get a cheaper ticket using split ticketing as they will take the cheaper individual journey prices into account when pricing up your ticket.

What is ticket splitting?

Ticket splitting is a way to cut the cost of an expensive train journey by buying several tickets for different parts of the journey.

This can save a traveller a significant sum of money,even though youre travelling on exactly the same train.

Its completely legal to do, the only rule is that the train must call at the stations you buy tickets for.

Say, for example, youre travelling from London toBirmingham, you can save 3.10 on a 20 off-peak single ticket by splitting the ticket at Coventry. You dont need to get off at Coventry, you can stay on your train.

Rail ticket prices
Rail fares are set to be overhauled as thousands of long distance fares will be dropped from the National Rail database

Ticketing websites to try

A newfare splitting website called launched this week, and it claims to save up to 60 per cent off train tickets with a clever algorithm.

It involves calculating if its cheaper to buy multiple tickets for the same journey usually without having to change trains.

This website is managed and operated by self-confessed rail travel enthusiasts. It works with Raileasy find the best tickets to save time and as much money as possible.

The website is free to use but if you do find a cheap ticket it will add 10 per cent of the saving on to the cost of your ticket. Non-split tickets can be booked without a charge.

MoneySavingExpert.coms TickeySplit

From the money saving giants, this tool will only split your journey once and you only get five searches per day.

It uses data from, so youll need book through them when it comes to buying a ticket.

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