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People have only just found out why it’s dangerous to drink from bathroom tap – it could be deadly

PEOPLE might not think twice before drinking from a bathroom tap – but experts are warning that taking a sip could be DEADLY.

Many believe it’s just an old wives’ tale, but you could be risking your health by taking a swig from the bathroom tap – especially if you live in an old house.

Brits are only now realising the dangers of drinking from a tap

There are several health problems that are presented by bathroom tap water, and ignoring the warnings can be dangerous.

One of the issues stems from the disinfectant used to make sure drinking water is safe.

The chemicals used to treat drinking water and prevent bacteria growth can be destroyed when exposed to air – which can happen in homes that are fitted with an old storage tank.

Old water storage tanks also may not have the right level of chemicals to keep bacteria at bay.

Not to mention that some homeowners eventually open up their tanks to find dead rats or birds floating in the water.

But the problems don’t stop there – as some older homes still contain lead piping.

The toxic material was phased out in the 1970’s, and the pipes to the mains water supply should have been replaced.

But in homes built before the 1970’s, the pipes sending water upstairs may not have been changed – meaning lead could still be leaching out of the bathroom tap.

Another reason to avoid your bathroom tap is if your home is fitted with a water softener.

Hard water is safe to drink, but the process of softening it can lead to higher levels of sodium being left in the water.

But even if your bathroom water is safe to drink, you should never grab a glass from out of the hot tap.

Hot water is stored in tanks that are heated up and cooled down throughout the day, which can lead to bacteria like legionella growing.

The deadly bacteria caused the death of a dad on holiday to Malta last month, when he took a dip in a hot tub filled with contaminated water.

He contracted Legionnaires disease, caused by legionella bacteria, which is usually transmitted by inhaling small droplets of infected water.

Water firm The Water Professor also warned of the dangers, adding it’s best to make the effort to go to the kitchen instead.

They told Yorkshire Live: “So, is it safe to drink tap water from the bathroom? Probably not.

“It’s unlikely to kill you but the clean water from the cold tap in your kitchen is a far better option.”


Despite the potential risks, many Brits are only now questioning their bathroom drinking habits.

A post on Reddit’s AskUK forum brought up the issue, where one poster said: “Got a glass last night before bed and my Mrs looked at me like I was absolutely insane.

“Surely it’s the same water as what you would get in the kitchen?”

Other’s quickly chimed in, with one person responding: “Not necessarily.

“If you have a water softener then the bathroom water will be softened and you would be better drinking from the kitchen tap.”

Another said: “In newer houses it is the same as the kitchen.

“The folk wisdom not to drink from bathroom taps comes from older plumbing systems where the upstairs cold water would come from a header tank in the loft along with potential nasties that may have collected there.”

“We found a dead pigeon in ours”, warned a third.

Another added: “As someone with a tank in the loft, how would I know if the bathroom draws from that or not?

“Starting to consider if my bathroom water drinking habit and stomach cramps may be connected.”

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