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Frugal mum feeds her family for just £3 a day after shopping for groceries online and at Waitrose… and the meals really do look delicious

A THRIFTY mum has made it her mission to prove its possible to feed an entire family-of-three for just 3 per day.

Frugal Jane Ashley, 47, is able to whip up breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for a day on an extremely tight budget.

Jane was inspired to start her own blog after speaking to a pal who works at a food bank

The mum-of-one was inspired to take control of her spending after speaking to a friend who works at a local food bank.

After hearing about the struggles of people living on very little money, she vowed she would do her bit to help.

Even though Jane isnt a professional chef, she has found inventive ways of changing recipes so that they can feed everyone at a bargain price.

While before she could easily walk out of the shop with 150 worth of shopping, Jane is now able to bag bargains in upmarket supermaket chains like Waitrose.

This chicken and mushroom pie with vegetables looks delicious and it wont cost you a fortune
Hot and sour chicken soup is another dish that wont end up breaking the bank

She shares her delicious meal plans on her blog, which features mouth-watering dishes including tacos with guacamole and pomegranate salad and Thai green curry.

As well as sharing her recipes online, Jane also offers up free money saving advice for other families.

Her top tips include ordering your groceries online to track your spending or sticking to your shopping list without getting drawn in by deals online.

Graphic designer, Jane, who lives with her photographer husband Phil, 50, and 19-year-old daughter, revealed: You dont need fancy ingredients to cook good food.

Before I started my blog, I could easily walk out of the supermarket with 150 worth of shopping but Ive learned to more frugal, less wasteful and still eat well.

Hopefully my blog should offer something for everyone to help you to save money, whether youre a poor student, struggling to feed a large family or even if youre just trying to save some funds towards a holiday

Jane was even able to whip up Christmas dinner on a tight budget
Veggie burgers with chips and salad are another meal idea recommended by the thrifty blogger
This roasted cauliflower dish can be put together on a budget

Jane also suggests planning meals in advance in order to cut back on food waste.

She said: I do as much prep work as possible for the weekends in terms of baking cakes and making curry pastes.

And Ive seen other recipes where people use half of a lemon or a quarter of an onion to create a meal for under 1 which is great.

But at the same time, supermarkets wont sell you a vegetable or fruit in that quantity.

So in my guides, Ive shown how you can use the rest of the ingredients for other meals to help you save money.

A look at one of Janes recent weekly shopping lists which feeds two people for seven days at just 1.09 per day
This fried bean taco with guacamole and pomegranate salad can be made on a tight budget

For more information and dozens of tasty recipes, visit Janes budget food blog.

Its not the first money-saving hack to sweep the web in recent months.

A simple tip showed how to make a cheap bottle of wine taste better instantly with one household ingredient.

Andanother thrifty food blogger also revealed how to save cash by meal planning.

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