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Healing From Hurt And Pain

Healing From Hurt And Pain

Things that are capable of sweeping us off our feet occur in life. Most of these circumstances come upon us unawares.

It could be a terrible heartbreak, the death of a loved one, divorce, or something powerful enough to change the course of your life.

You can decide to hold on to these elements that caused you pain and you can also decide to let go. Both are conscious decisions, but only one of them is beneficial to you and that is letting go.


The ability to feel pain is proof that you are human, and whether the pain is physical or emotional does not take away the fact that pain is pain.

The only difference between physical pain and emotional pain is that emotional pain requires a longer time to heal.

1. Create positive words or confessions to counter the painful thoughts. Instead of brooding over how terribly the pain has eaten deep into you, why not try out telling yourself that everything will be alright and fall in place for you soon. This helps you to direct your mind away from the pain.

2. Work on yourself. Focus on the unique things about you which make you amazing and look for better means to expand yourself through those qualities.

3. Practice physical distance. In most cases, this helps you create mind distance from the causes of your pain. It helps you lose sight of them than having them spring up at you every now and then.

4. Pamper yourself. Don’t force yourself into self-criticism. You deserve the best. You deserve more. Treat yourself like you would treat a friend going through hard times.

5. Accept the fact that the other person will not apologize. This is painful, really. Especially if the person who is the offender is now trying to play the victim just to attract sympathy while tarnishing your image. Many of us can relate to this.

But in such cases, just swallow this bitter pill and move on. Understand that you should pay more attention to your well-being whether the person apologizes or not.

6. Engage in self-care. This goes beyond the spa treatments and massage therapies many people undergo just to push away their stress and worries.

This also involves saying no to things that can cause more hurt, and then creating boundaries to prevent such experiences from repeating themselves. It also involves taking attention off others and placing it on yourself by meeting your own needs your own way and trying to be the best of yourself.

7. Keep yourself surrounded by people of help. This is because no matter how alone you want to be, there’s an extent it’ll be unhealthy for you. Man is not an island. You need people around you. Allowing yourself to be more around your loved ones quickens your healing process. Their presence around you is a kind reminder that no matter how badly you’ve been treated by someone else, there are still people that love and value you.

8. Talk it out. Let it out. Say it however you want to. Storing up grief in your heart is like carrying fresh vegetables everywhere you go. With time, they’ll decay and smell.

Instead of laboring your mind and heart with the hurt, just talk about it. There’s always someone that will be willing to lend a listening ear.

9. Take a break. This will enable you to meet people and engage in other social activities that will help your mind relax. Go on a vacation if need be, and relocate to another town if possible. God for walks, dance, parties, hiking, skating, etc.

10. Reach out

Deep pain births depression if not well controlled. So step out of that mental zone and join support groups and programs, seek comfort in hours of prayer, meditation, listening to uplifting songs, and doing whatever brings you peace of mind.

11. Learn from it. Look at the situations surrounding your hurt and pain and ask yourself what lessons you can learn. This will help you have better control of such situations next time and help you mentor others on what to do to avoid experiencing such.

Just stay calm, and follow the process through. It’s all gonna be well,

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