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Pretty Link Plugin: Cloak Affiliate Links in WordPress

Many WordPress Bloggers asked me about how can they hide or cloak affiliate links to be short and more beautiful so that the visitor tends to click on it. In WordPress Made Easy we also cloak our affiliate links using one of the best plugins to cloak affiliate links and that WordPress plugin is Pretty Link Plugin.

Why do you need to cloak my Affiliate Links ?

Cloaking your affiliate links is a very important think to consider especially if you are an affiliate marketer. The importance of hiding or cloaking your affiliate links is:  Your affiliate links will look pretty and short instead of being long and full of slashes and questions marks. You can also customize your affiliate links as you like using your own d domain name so you don’t need to worry about any change in the affiliate link in the future as you can simply go to your WordPress admin panel and change the affiliate link with the new affiliate link instead of changing it in every post or page you have embedded your affiliate link in.

Another important thing about cloaking your affiliate links is that; you can track hits on your affiliate links including the number of visits/visitors, referrers, location, and banners or links etc. this will help you further deciding which banner/link, post/page, country, or even website is doing better for you so you can focus on it more to get more affiliate commissions.

Pretty Link Plugin

Pretty Link Plugin: Free lite version

Pretty link plugin is one of the best ways to cloak your affiliate links in WordPress It offers many useful features.

Pretty link lite features

  1. With it you can create clean, simple URLs that redirects to long, ugly URLs using your own website domain.
  2. The plugin allows for 301 and 307 redirects only.
  3. You may use the random slug generation feature that generates 3-4 character slugs for your affiliate link or any other URL similar to and short links.
  4. Pretty link lite also allows you to name a custom slug for your URL instead of the random slug for example ( to refer to DreamHost hosting)
  5. The plugin provides a configurable reports as you can filter the charts by the specific link clicked, date range, and/or unique hits.
  6. You can also Organize the shortened Links into Groups which will help you managing your links.
  7. with the Intuitive Javascript / AJAX Admin User Interface you can manage your links from WordPress Admin Panel.
  8. The plugin also tracks the Number of Hits and the Number of Unique Hits per link.
  9. You may pass custom parameters to your scripts through the plugin and you still have full tracking ability.
  10. you can select Temporary (307) or Permanent (301) redirection for each link while shortening it from within Pretty Link plugin admin panel.
  11. Create nofollow/noindex links which is very important for affiliate links.
  12. The plugin gives you the ability to turn tracking on / off on each shortened link.

Download and Install Pretty link Plugin:

Pretty link lite is a free WordPress plugin which you can download and use for free. Download the plugin now, upload it to your WordPress Hosting using an FTP agent like FileZilla, then install it or check out our Beginners Guide to WordPress plugins installation to learn how to install the plugin with two easy ways.

Pretty link Pro WordPress Plugin

Pretty Link Pro is the premium version of the free plugin Pretty Link Lite. The Pro version offers many extended features and tools includes: automatic pretty links creation, cloak links, replace keywords throughout your blog posts and pages with your affiliate pretty links, auto-tweet pretty links, and much more. If your budget can handle extra $37 then I highly recommends that you buy your Pretty Link Pro license.

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