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I’m a hotel cleaner – the only thing you need to make a bedroom safe is a free towel

A CLEANER has revealed the hack he uses to make his room extra safe when staying in hotels.

There are plenty of scary hotel stories that might put people off sleeping in them, as well as different devices available to increase security.

Terence ties the towel around the door with a hair scrunchie to make it harder to open

For those who don’t want to pay for a more secure night’s sleep, they need only to look in their bathroom for extra peace of mind.

Cleaner Terence Harris revealed how he adds extra security to his hotel room with only a towel and a hair scrunchie.

In a video on Tiktok he is seen using the items to create a makeshift buffer to prevent the door being opened from the outside.

Terence (@terenceharrisqts) ties the towel around a clip at the top of the door, which is also supposed to prevent others from entering your room, before securing it tightly with the scrunchie.

The cleaner pointed out that the door security clips are surprisingly simple to get past from the outside and swears by his method instead.

He said: “It’s super easy to open those metal flaps.

“Travellers know that those door stops don’t stop anyone from getting in your room.

“This blocks anyone from entering while you’re asleep.”

The video has been viewed over a million times, with other users impressed with Terence’s idea.

A hotel staff member said: “I work for a hotel chain and this is actually smart because those door flaps are easy to open with something like a clothes hanger.”

Another person wrote: “I think its a good idea. Just extra security. Thank you.”

A third recommended a tip of their own, adding: “I always put chair behind the door.”

Terence isn’t the only travel industry worker with a hotel safety tip of their own.

Flight attendant and Tiktok user lifestyledbyerie showed what she does to make sure she’s safe every time she checks into a hotel room.

First, Erie is seen propping the door open with her suitcase, so that she can get out quickly if she needs to.

She then checks cupboards and under the bed to make sure no one is waiting for her in her room.

The flight attendant then retrieves her luggage and locks the door using a special lock.

While closing the door, a caption reads: “Safety always comes first.

“I have had people attempt to break into my room on layovers so I always travel with this.”

Meanwhile, these are the tell-tale signs that your hotel room could easily be broken into.

And this is why you should never book a hotel room above the fourth floor.

Terence said that without the towel it is easy for other people to open hotel room doors

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1 Comment

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