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Hundreds of thousands of households given extra time to claim £150 cost of living payment

THOUSANDS of households have been given more time to claim a £150 cost of living payment.

Over 19million UK households should have received a £150 council tax rebate to help with the cost of living.

The deadline to apply for the free cash has been extended

But, 300,000 eligible households have still not claimed the free cash, according to government figures.

The £150 council tax rebate was announced in February when former Chancellor Rishi Sunak introduced a cost of living support package.

All households in England, Scotland and Wales living in council tax bands A-D would be eligible for the payment.

That amounts to around 80% of households in England, the government said.

Payments to eligible households started in April.

And the original deadline to apply passed on Friday, September 30.

But to ensure that as many eligible households as possible receive the payment, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities has extended the deadline for claims.

Households will now have until Wednesday, November 30 to claim the free cash.

Levelling Up minister Dehenna Davison said: “Thanks to the tireless work of councils, more than 99% of eligible households up and down the country have received their council tax rebate.

“We are now extending the deadline to claim the £150 payment to ensure as many eligible households as possible receive this payment – I urge everyone to check their eligibility and contact their local council if they have not already.”

We’ve explained everything to know about the scheme and how to claim the cash below.

What is the £150 Council Tax Rebate and who’s eligible?

Former Chancellor and now Prime Minister Rishi Sunak introduced a cost of living support package in March which included a £150 council tax rebate.

Households in England, Scotland and Wales living in council tax bands A-D would be eligible for the payment.

That amounts to around 80% of households in England, the government said.

You can find out which band you’re in by using the government’s search tool – just enter your postcode.

If you’re not eligible for the one-off payment you should check whether you qualify for any other help.

When should I get the £150?

The vast majority of those that are eligible for the payment and who paid their council tax bill by direct debit on April 1 will have received the payment by now – 99% of people in this group in fact.

Those who don’t pay their council tax by direct debit have to apply to get the cash.

Each council will have different systems for you to apply and some have set their own application deadlines.

You can check your local council’s website and social media pages for the latest updates on when you will get the cash.

How do I apply for the cash if I don’t pay by direct debit?

If you don’t pay your council tax by direct debit, most councils will expect you to apply on their website for the cash.

Applications allow your local authority to transfer the cash directly into your bank account.

The forms provide a secure way for you to share your bank account details with your council.

However, some councils have already shut applications and you may receive the rebate differently.

You may also be sent the rebate in a cheque in the post or through a redeemable Post Office voucher.

If you didn’t apply in time or cash in your Post Office voucher before expiry, instead of being issued the £150 in cash, you’ll be credited the money to your council tax account and will see the amount come off your bill.

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