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How buying frozen food instead of fresh can save you more than £260 a year AND it’s just as healthy

MOST Brits buy a handful of frozen food items each time they shop, but replacing more fresh foodin your trolley with frozen alternatives could help you make huge savings on your weekly shop.

And opting for frozen foods rather than fresh doesnt mean your compromising on taste or nutritional value as frozen food can be just as tasty, and healthy.

Fresh vs frozen: cheaper deals can be had on frozen produce

We compared a basket of 10 fresh and frozen food items at Tesco, and found that the frozen basket was more than 10 cheaper than the fresh one.

We looked at items spanning fruit and veg, desserts, ready meals and meat.

The fresh basket came to 24.75, while the frozen basket added up to 14.53

Take Tescos frozen stonebaked pepperoni pizza for example, which costs 1.50 and weighs 330g. The fresh equivalent, which weighs slightly less than the frozen pizza at 304g, costs double the price at 3.

A frozen steak pie at the supermarket costs 2 for 600g, while a fresh version costs a third more and weighs 100g less, at 3 for 500g.

Costing less than fresh produce isnt the only perk of buying frozen it lasts significantly longer too, so theres less waste.

It means you can also buy in bulk, which typically costs less as you can take advantage of BOGOF offers and other bulk-buying deals.

If you dont have a big enough freezer to hold everything,try and remove foods from boxes and use freezer bags instead, which can easily be stacked on top of each other.

Tescos frozen pepperoni pizza costs just 1.50
While the fresh version, despite being extremely similar to the frozen one, is double the price, at 3

You might be thinking that frozen food isnt as healthy as fresh food, but TheSun Online nutritionist Amanda Ursell says fruit and vegetables dont have to be fresh to be healthy. Frozen options are full of goodness, too, she said.

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