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How hot is Qatar in December?

WORLD Cup 2022 is heading to Qatar, forcing the competition into the winter months to accommodate the country’s scorching hot weather.

There will still be blistering temperatures for England and other teams to face when heading to the Middle Eastern nation – here’s how hot it will be.

The World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar in December

How hot is Qatar in December?

Qatar is situated at the heart of the Middle East, located between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Even in December, the temperature rarely dips below 20 degrees Celsius, with it averaging between 23 and 26C.

However it can do as low as 15C, with 71 per cent humidity.

Rainfall also sees a massive increase in December, with an average of 12.1mm, compared to zero in June, July, August and September.

Due to the nation’s intense summer heat of over 29 degrees, the decision was made to shift the World Cup into the winter season to for the safety and health of the players.

How hot is Qatar in January?

January is Qatar’s coldest month, with temperatures sitting around 22C.

Moving into February, the heat begins to rise again, with the average going from 22 to 25 degrees as the month marches on.

By March, the country enjoys 29 degrees weather, the type of temperatures the UK found it hard to cope with during the summer 2022 heatwave.

When is the hottest month in Qatar?

The average temperature of Qatar is around 29C.

June and July are the hottest months, with both averaging from 29.1C to 41.5C, though it has been known to reach the 50s in the past.

These top temperatures has meant the 2022 World Cup has been rescheduled to the winter.

It is a history-making decision, with this year’s competition being the first ever to be held during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months.

There is no relief from rain in the summer months and humidity is at 49 per cent.

By August, the temperature starts to dip again, heading into the upper 30s and in September it averages 35.

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