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How this £6 bottle of Malbec is one of the world’s best wines – and you can buy it from Asda

DRY January is officially over much to the relief of many drinkers across the country and a cheapbottle of Asda plonk could be the perfect tipple to ease you back into boozy life.

TheLa Moneda Reserva Malbec, which won last years prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards,is a complete steal at 5.98.

The Malbec was so popular last year that Walmart Asdas owner started stocking the red in stores across the US

The Asda own-brand redwon best in showafter it wastasted blind against other Malbec blends from Chile. It won the award for best single-variety red costing under 15.

A total of 16,000 bottles were entered into the competition, which was judged bya panel of 240 experts.

Following the win last year, demand for the bargain bottle was so high it crashed the supermarkets online Wine Shop after a flurry of orders.

Asda confirmed thatsales grew by over 150 per cent year-on-year following the award win.

It was so popular, in fact, that Walmart the American retailerwhich owns Asda decided to start stocking the plonk in 577 of its 4,600 US stores, for $6.96 a bottle.

While the bargain bottle of red isnt new, The Washington Post last week revealedwhy the red wine is so cheap.

The paper explained how La Moneda is mass-produced by Ranco Wines, Chiles largest wine exporter, which ships more than 80million litres a year to more than 25 countries. Thats 107million bottles, or nearly 9million cases.

So rather than beingcreated in rustic oak barrels in a beautiful vineyard in Chile, the wine is anindustrial product made in stainless-steel tank farms.

The wine is sold exclusively at Asda

The wine is alsoshipped in bulk to Britain and bottled here, which helps reduce costs further.

The Malbec, described as deliciously smooth and juicy with rich blackberry, black cherry and damson fruitis in stock today, and can be picked up from Asda for just shy of 6. Bargain!

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