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‘I made £3.5k back on my wedding extras by selling everything on eBay’

A SAVVY young Essex couple made back around 70 per cent of the cost of their wedding extras, by selling everything from the brideswedding dress to the table decorations on eBay.

Already a keen bargain hunter and money-saver, Jenn Stott, 27, was unsentimental aboutselling the wedding items, with the money earnedhelping to pay back the cost of thehoneymoon and some of the couples credit card debt.

Jenn, 27, and Matt, 30, married in April last year. Source:Jemima DaisyWeddings

After the couples wedding in April last year, which was attended by 70 of the couples closest family and friends, they made the decision to sell off what they could tomake back some of the 15,000 they had spent on the wedding.

Obviously they couldnt get any money back on the venue, food and alcohol, but did manage to earn back almost 3,500 of the 5,000 spent on wedding extras.

These included the wedding dress, shoes, groom and best man suits, vintage china tea set (the wedding had an afternoon tea theme) and table decorations, including jam jar vases.

One of the first items Jenn sold was her wedding dress, which she had bought for 1,200, and managed to sell on eBay for 900.

She said: Some people would be sentimental about their wedding dress, but I didnt want mine just sitting up in the attic.

Were a young couple and we paid for the majority of the wedding ourselves, so it was important for us to try and make some of the money back.

Jenns wedding dress, which was bought for 1,200 and sold for 900. Source:Jemima DaisyWeddings

Jenn, who works as a midwife, also manged to make a profit onher Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes, which she had bought in Selfridges brand new (albeit on sale) for70, and sold second-hand on eBay for84 making a 20 per cent profit.

She also sold her husband Matts wedding suit, and the best mans outfit, too.

Jenns Vivienne Westwood shoes, which she made a profit on by selling second-hand on eBay.Source:Jemima DaisyWeddings

A long-time user of eBay, Jenn also bought many itemsfor the wedding second-hand, including the table decorations,and was able to pocket extra savings by earning cashback on purchases made by

Members can earn up to one per cent cashback on purchases made on eBay through the cashback site, boosting the bride and grooms savings before the weddinghad even started.

Much of the food shopping for the wedding was also bought through the cashback website, Jenn said, as Topcashback members can save on grocery shops at all the major supermarkets.

Ocado, Tesco and Asda, for instance, offer up to 6.90 cashback on food spends of25 or more.

I never buy anything unless its through a cashback website, Jenn said, it enables me to earn even more money, and makes me buy from brands that I probably wouldnt have bought from before.

Jenn and Matt also sold the china tea set they bought for their wedding, which had an afternoon tea theme.Source:Jemima DaisyWeddings

Whether saving money before the wedding, through cashback websites and buying second-hand goods, or after the wedding by flogging your matrimonial goods, there are easy ways to cut costs.

Below are five ways you can save cash on your big day, from DIY-ing wedding cakes, to getting wed mid-week.

How tosave money on your wedding

  • Dont get married on a Saturday, if you can help it. Couples can often savethousands of pounds on venues by getting hitched mid-week, or sometimes even on a Sunday
  • Have your ceremony and wedding reception in the same place. This cuts down on venue and transportation costs
  • Save hundreds of pounds by making your own wedding cake, confetti, wedding favours and table decorations
  • Consider buying a second hand wedding dress, there are plenty of great choices online and in charity shops,or you can rent one for the day instead
  • Get your friends to take pictures on your big day, rather than hiring a professional photographer. Most guests will be taking pictures throughout the day anyway, and with photographers costing 1,000 plus, you could save a bundle.

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