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Is it really easier to lose weight when it’s hot?

Losing weight in summer: drinking helps

When the temperatures rise and the sweat pours, it feels like the pounds will melt away on their own. But is that really true or are we dealing with one of the countless weight loss myths?

Sweating for a slim figure – many people assume that it is easier to lose weight in summer.

But how exactly is that supposed to work? After all, hip gold and lifebuoys do not automatically evaporate above a certain temperature.

Losing weight in summer: drinking helps!

Gather a thick coat in winter, lose it again in summer: Some people may feel this way, but there is no law of nature that will let the pounds tumble by themselves.

If anything, summer only indirectly helps you slim down.

When it’s hotter, you tend to drink more than usual.

A study by the Charité Berlin showed that drinking just half a liter of tap water increases the basal metabolic rate, i.e. the body’s natural calorie consumption.

In the hour after drinking, energy consumption increases by up to 120 percent. An explanation for this: Cold water stimulates the central nervous system and cell metabolism. Exactly how many more calories are burned varies from person to person.

“Even drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of drinking water a day can increase energy expenditure by up to 100 kilocalories, even in overweight people,” said Dr. Michael Boschman.

“Extrapolated over a year, this means that around 36,500 more kilocalories can be consumed. This amount of calories corresponds to up to five kilograms of fatty tissue.” So bring on the water!

More exercise, less appetite – and the pounds are falling off?

Many people become more active in summer: cycling instead of sitting in the car, jogging, swimming – when it gets warm and the sun is shining, it’s just more fun.

More physical exercise automatically means a higher basal metabolic rate. And as a Turkish study shows, exercise also temporarily reduces appetite. Anyone who manages not to hit so hard afterward has a chance of losing weight.

However, if it is too hot, summer temperatures can also make you sluggish. So you have to be careful and at least stay moderately active.

Because even a walk can be sweaty now. And the hotter you are, the more energy your body has to expend to cool down.

Motivation increases with temperature

Last but not least, some people unexpectedly develop an iron will when it comes time for bikinis and shorts.

And if you use the momentum that the gentle breeze brings to become more active, eat more consciously, and always drink water, you can lose weight much more easily in summer.

It doesn’t work on its own in July any more than in November.

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