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Long haul need not be pricey – fly Norse Atlantic Airways from London Gatwick to New York on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

WITH soaring energy prices sparking a “heat or eat” dilemma, you may think a new airline offering affordable fares on long-haul flights was just pie-in-the-sky.

But Norse Atlantic Airways is doing just that, with a fleet of 15 modern, fuel-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Fly long haul on a Boeing 787 Dreamliners for an affordable price
The reclining seats make for a comfortable journey

Its inaugural flight between Gatwick and New York JFK took off in August, with The Sun on board to check it out. Norse Atlantic offers a daily transatlantic service, with more US destinations to be announced soon.

The selling point for Premium is extra legroom (43in) in the first eight rows, beating the likes of BA’s World Traveller Plus and Virgin’s Premium Economy (38in). And its impressive 12in recliner on all 56 seats allows for passengers to comfortably lean back and snooze.

Enjoy a welcome soft drink before take-off – with a 10kg carry-on and two meals, including one house beer or wine with each. There’s also a complimentary blanket and headphones.

Upgrade to Premium Classic and you get a 23kg checked bag and ticket flexibility. Premium Plus gives premium boarding, priority check-in and more ticket flexibility.

But for many, the value economy tickets are the reason for booking. With Economy Light you’ll simply get one underseat bag. Upgrade to Classic and a 10kg cabin bag and 23kg checked bag are included, as well as one meal.

The aircraft, previously operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle, ditches a colourful interior for a low-key design. It has modern LED lighting, cleaner air and better cabin humidity.

Pre-landing snack There’s no wifi yet – and while the in-flight entertainment is comprehensive it doesn’t include the latest releases.

While those in Premium have an 11in screen in their seat arm rest, those in economy have a 9in seat-back screen. There’s also plenty of USBs to charge your own devices.

If you opt for a Classic seat with food and one drink, this doesn’t include sparkling wine or spirits, so expect to pay extra if house wine or beer isn’t for you.

It seems a little stingy to scrimp on this for just two drinks during the flight, but Norse makes up for it by providing a high-quality meal that fills you up until a pre-landing snack.

Neatly packaged in an environmentally friendly cardboard box with wooden cutlery, it won’t win awards for looking like Michelin-starred grub, but tasted delicious.

I had a decent-sized salmon fillet with mashed potato and greens, plus a bread roll and choc pot for pudding. Other options included roast chicken or roast beef with veg.

About an hour before landing, passengers also get a tasty folded pizza or morning bagel to tide them over.

Those who choose to go for the most basic fare can opt to pay for food, drink and even a blanket or headphones on board, at fairly reasonable prices.

At a time when high expectation often meets disappointment, Norse was a refreshing change.

Reviewer Amanda Devlin at Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Rock

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