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I’m a frequent flyer and I would never travel without any of these important items

A FREQUENT flyer has revealed the important items that she never leaves behind when going on a long-haul trip.

Flying for several hours at a time can be difficult, with plane seats not the most comfortable place to stay put, but there are items that can make the process more bearable.

Bettina packs a small pouch of important items so she can store her bag in the overhead bins

Tiktokers Bettina & Kyle, a couple who run the account @thenexttrip shared their best tips for remaining comfortable when flying on longer journeys.

The first of which is a small pouch placed on top of a carry-on backpack, containing the most important items.

Bettina explained that this enables her to: “store my backpack and have more legroom.”

The small pouch contains things she will need the most during the flight, enabling her to put her backpack in the overhead bin where it won’t reduce space under the seat in front.

A documents wallet helps her to remain organised during air travel

The next thing Bettina brings on board is a pair of compression socks, which she claims are essential.

The socks can prevent problems like deep vein thrombosis, which can happen during longer journeys.

She said: “If you fly a lot and don’t wear compression socks, you’re doing it wrong.

“I don’t like swollen ankles and wear them on every flight.”

Compression socks and cosy socks keep her feet both healthy and comfortable

Bettina also packs a pair of more comfortable “cosy” socks to enable her to take her shoes off, without worrying about the plane carpets.

Another of the important items on Bettina’s list is a document holder that she can keep her tickets and passport in.

She says this allows her to stay “super organised” meaning she isn’t rummaging through her bag when she has to go through airport security.

One of the most important things to remember when flying is to stay hydrated, with the cabin air particularly dry.

To stay on top of this, Bettina brings electrolyte packets to pour into her water, which some people say can increase hydration, without the need to drink more water than usual.

Finally, to block out the noise from the rest of the cabin to help her get some rest, she recommends packing a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Some cabin crew members recommend packing a Bluetooth transmitter, which can connect their noise-cancelling headphones to the plane’s entertainment system.

Most planes don’t have Bluetooth connectivity for the onboard screens, meaning passengers without wired headphones can end up having to pay extra, or missing out on the entertainment entirely.

However, a Bluetooth transmitter solves that problem, by plugging into the headphone jack and connecting to any bluetooth headphones.

Elsewhere, this innovative bluetooth mask will help you sleep better on planes.

And this £27 item will give you even more space in your economy class seats.

Noise cancelling headphones help Bettina block out cabin noise

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