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Marks and Spencer is making a major change to Colin the Caterpillar for Halloween – and chocolate fans will love it

MARKS and Spencer’s Colin the Caterpillar cake has had a makeover this Halloween.

The popular cake character has been “mummified” in two layers of chocolate to give him an especially spooky look.

Double Choc Yummy Mummy Colin the Caterpillar

The cake featured the classic chocolatey sponge, filled with signature chocolate buttercream.

It’s then coated in a layer of milk chocolate and a layer of creamy white chocolate too – an extra layer compared to the usual Colin.

You can pick up a full size double choc yummy mummy Colin the Caterpillar for £12 in stores now.

The Halloween special edition will set you back £4 more than the standard cake, £8.

This is likely due to the weight difference from the two chocolate layers – a standard Colin is 625g whereas the mummified version is 865g.

Also available are packs of five mini mummy Colins which cost £2.75.

In previous years we have seen Colin dressed up in various costumes to celebrate the holidays.

On Halloween for the past few years he has been dressed as a Dracula, Frankenstein and a ghoul.

Each year at Christmas the posh supermarket launches its festive Colin that see him sporting Santa hats and decorations.

This year, the 650g cake features him ice skating and will set you back £10.

The new mummy Colin comes as M&S reveals its Halloween range.

It includes Hairy Harri Monster celebration cake for £16, and a spiced pumpkin Martini at £18.

In stores now you can grab mini cupcake versions of the Hairy Harri Monster cakes for £4.25, they feature chocolate sponge, topped with vanilla buttercream and edible decorations

The s’mores pizza, £4, is a stonebaked pizza, topped with delicious chocolate sauce, white and milk chocolate drops, biscuit balls and marshmallows.

M&S’s popping zombie jelly brain, £5, is a raspberry flavour jelly brain with lychee and blueberry eyeballs with a raspberry drizzle and popping candy sprinkled on top.

For a Halloween take on garlic bread, the petrified Pamela pumpkin sharer, £3.50, is a hand stretched garlic bread, with cheese, sundried tomato, and pesto base. It’s available from October 26.

M&S is also doing its 3 for £12 Squeal Deal on a range of Halloween themed buffet food.

That includes kebab style zom-beef fingers which are £4.50 and eye want pizza (mini pizzas with an olive eyeball) costing £4.75.

The deal will run in stores from October 25 to October 31.

It comes as M&S has also revealed its Christmas menu for 2022 earlier this year.

This includes its snow globe gins which are cheaper than last year.

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