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Martin Lewis Show – 300,000 Brits urgently need to claim £150 – here’s how

MARTIN Lewis last night revealed how 300,000 Brits urgently need to claim £150.

Speaking on his ITV show, the UK’s MoneySavingExpert said that some homeowners could miss out on the cash.

Martin Lewis explained that 300,000 Brits had not been claiming their £150 cost-of-living payment
The £150 council tax rebate was announced in February

Martin explained that a government cost-of-living payment was going unclaimed and is due to expire.

Back in April, it was revealed that the £150 payment had been left unclaimed by certain households.

The finance guru has revealed that 300,000 have not claimed this – with the deadline of November 30 looming.

This is for council properties bracket A-D according to the money expert.

Everyone on bands A to D will get the rebate as the Government is attempting to target people on both lower and middle incomes.

That amounts to around 80 per cent of households in England, according to government sources.

To see if you can claim money, you can find out which band you’re in by using the Government’s search tool – just enter your postcode.

If you’re not eligible for the one-off payment you should check whether you qualify for any other help.

The £150 council tax rebate was announced in February when former Chancellor Rishi Sunak introduced a cost of living support package.

Meanwhile, Brits started receiving their second Cost of Living Payment today as the £324 cash boost began hitting bank accounts.

From today, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will begin the rollout of the second payment, worth £324.

It comes as Lewis previously warned that hundreds of thousands of households are at risk of missing out on an average £6,000 state pension boost.

He said that if you’re married or a widow and you hit state pension age before April 2016, you should check if you’re due a payout.

This specifically applies if you rely on your husband’s pension contributions, and your basic state pension was less than 60 per cent of his.

The average amount that you could get back is £6,000, according to Martin.

But you could be owed more or less – in fact, one grandma won back £82,000 a couple of years ago after watching Martin’s show.

Meanwhile, earlier on last night’s episode, Martin offered 12 key tips to improve your household’s energy efficiency.

One tip offered by the MoneySavingExpert was to simply lower your thermostat by 1 degree.

By making this slight change, Martin recommended going from 21c to 20c, you could save a staggering 10 per cent on heating bills.

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