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I won a £30k Mini on McDonalds Monopoly after spending £1.39 on fries – I thought I’d won a toy car

RUMOUR has it that no one actually wins McDonald’s Monopoly, and that’s exactly what Kiran Johal thought – until she bagged a prize.

Lucky mum-of-one Kiran Johal, who won a Mini Cooper SE on the popular game, said she simply couldn’t believe she was a winner.

Kiaran Johal from Reading won a Mini Cooper SE on McDonald’s Monopoly

Kiran, 36 from Reading, initially thought it must have been a toy car, until she Googled Monopoly prizes and saw it was in fact a real Mini.

The account manager said that while had played McDonald’s Monopoly in the past, she had only ever won small prizes such as a McFlurry or an apple pie.

The McDonald’s Monopoly game gives fast food fans the chance to win a range of prices from menu items to £100,000 in cash.

Customers collect game pieces when they buy qualifying McDonald’s products, such as colour co-ordinated road names or train stations.

This year’s competition started on September 7 and ended on October 18.

After spending £1.39 on medium fries for her two-year-old son Nihal back in September, Kiran scanned her winning Bond Street game piece into the McDonald’s app.

Having already got the Regent Street and Oxford Street stickers from previous Maccies visits, Bond Street completed the winning set.

Kiran’s old car had been written off just a few weeks before winning the Mini, so she said it came along at the perfect time.

She said: “So I scanned the code into the McDonald’s app and it came up with claim your electric car.

“It took a few seconds to register that I had really won.

“All this happened after my son said that he wanted fries after driving past McDonald’s.

“I did a U-turn and ended up buying the fries, and winning. I guess I was destined to win the car.”

Kiran’s car – a Mini Electic (Level) – is worth around £31,000, according to the Mini website.

She said she’s driven it pretty much every day since it was delivered in October and has no plans to give it away, or to sell it.

Kiran hopes to tell Nihal when he’s older that if it wasn’t for him craving fries, she wouldn’t have won the prize.

Whenever Maccies begins its annual Monopoly promotion, customers are always dubious as to whether people actually win the big prizes.

And people often take to social media to speculate.

One Twitter user wrote: “Did anyone ever win anything good in monopoly McDonald’s?”

While another said: The only things I win on the monopoly are fruit bags and apple pies.”

And a third asked: “Do people actually win stuff off McDonald’s monopoly apart from food?”

But the fast food giant says it has handed out millions of prizes this year – including £100,000, which was one by three winners.

‘I won a £2k holiday with TUI’

Another 26 customers won a £2,000 Tui Holiday – including musician Winford Armstrong.

The 24-year-old said his winning meal was a £5.79 Big Mac meal that was bought from his local McDonald’s in Northampton in October.

Winford Armstrong won a £2,000 Tui Holiday

And it seems like Winford had a touch of beginner’s luck, having never taken part in McDonald’s Monopoly before.

He said the new McDonald’s double peel feature was key to him completing a set and bagging a prize.

Double peel allows you to peel another sticker every time you earn yourself a property in the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

Once you’ve purchased food and peeled a sticker, you need to head to the McDonald’s app and bank a property by scanning the sticker.

This will provide you with an extra virtual sticker – hence the double peel.

Without having to buy any extra food or drink at McDonald’s you can bank another free property or earn yourself an instant win.

Winford collected Leicester Square, Coventry Street and Piccadilly to win his prize.

Winford said: “I was on my break at work when I remembered I had a few stickers to scan, it flashed up that I had won a free property before saying I’d completed a set and I’d won a holiday.

“I was super happy, jumping around the work canteen telling my friends I’d won a holiday – they couldn’t believe it.”

Winford has a year to redeem his prize, and he hopes to put it towards a family holiday to Turkey in the new year.

If you think you may have won a Monopoly prize, you will need to be quick as there are only a few days left to claim your prize.

How to boost your chances of winning McDonald’s Monopoly

To win prizes in McDonald’s Monopoly you need to check the game pieces on menu items.

Not all menu items are worth the same amount though – so make sure you check the McDonald’s website first.

And while the fast food chain is well known for its fries, you can increase your chances of winning by avoiding the classic side.

The sides of salad, veg or fruit bag which you can have as part of a meal come with three pieces.

Fries however come with only two game pieces in a meal.

If you spot empty packets or cups on tables, it’s worth checking to see if there is a tile you can use.

This practice is known as “wombling”, though it’s not always approved by companies, but millions of people do it across the country.

Meanwhile, we reveal the “secret” McDonald’s Monopoly game that only certain people are allowed to play.

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