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Meet the man who spent a year living off yellow stickers and saved OVER £3,000

A MAN claims to have saved 3,400 by only buying heavily reduced yellow sticker products from the supermarket for an entire year.

Tom Church, 26, dedicated a year to eating food items which reduced to rock bottom prices by the stores at the end of the day and is now encouraging others to make the same savings.

Tom Church, 26, claims to have saved over 3,400 just by buying products with the yellow reduced sticker

While most people occasionally snag a bargain when something is nearing its sell-by-date, Tom made it his mission to only purchase these discount deals.

The yellow sticker hunter said that initially his friends found his capers hilarious and claimed he was obsessed.

But he won them round by inviting them over for dinner and serving up a luxury meal of lobster and champagne which cost him less than four pound.

Savvy shopper Tom, managed to snag a bottle of Champers for just 2.99 reduced from 14.99
Tom bagged this Canadian lobster for the hugely discounted price of 29p

He managed to bag some incredible deals but Tom explained, in an interview with The Mirror, that it is impossible to predict exactly whatll be on offer in the yellow sticker section, making it difficult to live off.

Sometimes it was hard to stick to the regime, as others called it, because you might really need something but it wasnt reduced-to-clear, Tom said.


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Thats when I learnt to buy in bulk. I think I bought 48 loo rolls at one point.

By taking his opportunities and buying in bulk he was able to help other people out with his project too.

When he saw an incredible bulk-buy opportunity, like a crate of tinned food, he would buy it and donate what he didnt need to a food bank.

Generous Tom also started sharing the bargains he found with other people online as well as giving away some of the food he bought.

In order to aid with the sharing of this information, Tom set-up a Facebook page, which really took off before Christmas, when skint shoppers where keen for a good deal.

Tom also picked up these luxury chocolates for just NINE pence

The page has now amassed almost 20,000 fans and it is growing bigger by the day so much so that he has now launched a website

The site is set up so other people can share deals and search for the items they need.

Tom said: Families could save even more than I did thousands of pounds. And its really simple to get started. Just look for yellow stickers!

Tom recommends that you bulk buy food when it is reduced in price and store it in the freezer

If you are looking to cash-in like Tom did he suggests you start with Waitrose, who usually have the biggest reductions, although he warns you to watch out as their stickers are red not yellow.

He also suggests that you bulk buy anything good and stash it in the freezer.

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